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South Carolina Church Shooting & the Solution to Violent Crime in America

The Solution to Violent Crime in America: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily.

Always carry your gun, get trained, and be prepared for anything!

Survival in a grid-down situation will boil down to a few things:

  • How well you’ve prepared for a survival/grid down situation
  • How much you’ve trained and practiced for said situation
  • The team you place around you
  • Dumb luck

The left-wing nut jobs will tell you that the solution to violent crime in America is to keep guns away from criminals and psychopaths like this guy. However, the bottom line here is that there’s no background check for “crazy.”

Please watch and share this video below if you agree! America is heading in the wrong direction, and it’s time for change!

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Top 6 Reasons to Take Florida Gun Supply’s 3 Hour CCW Class

Our 1000 Share Promise: Watch and Share This Video & Help Change a Community!

Survival isn’t just about guns: it’s also about training and preparing!

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How Obama is Making America Racist (& Headed for Martial Law)

Obama is leading America into civil war:

and he will dub it, “The Race War”

 Disclaimer: This article is going to make a lot of folks pretty mad – but I don’t care. The truth must be heard. So, before you start ranting and raving, accusing me of being racist, and saying you’ll never buy guns from me, just know this: I’m not bothered. This is the nasty truth about what Obama is doing to this country… and it must be brought to light.

Watch this video below before reading on – it’s important!

To sum up the video, 4 African Americans were sitting in a dark parking lot in a bad neighborhood looking suspicious. “Sketchy” is the word I’d have used, but the female officer who approached them used the word “suspicious.”

When the female officer approached the car, the driver decided to open the door of the car. As she did, a rather insane amount of marijuana smoke comes out of the car. The cop was suspicious that they were doing sketchy things in the car, which they clearly were.

Instantly, the young African American teenage driver became rude, condescending, and argumentative towards the officer. On top top of that, she just keeps playing on her cell phone in a blatant display of arrogance and defiance.

Why do you think her attitude started that way?

Because she’s been brainwashed to assume that police are bad, and that she’s being stopped because of her race: not her sketchy and suspicious behavior. Introducing the “Ferguson Effect.”

Her message to the police officer is clear: you don’t matter to me, so and I want you to know that.

Watch at least the first 3 minutes of the video below, and then read on. If you don’t have time or can’t watch the video now, come back later on and watch it. It’s important to see what’s happening here.


I don’t care what race you are:

If you choose to sit in a dark parking lot,

in a bad area of town, doing drugs,

the cops are probably going to say ‘hello.’

Is it not common sense?

The cops coming up and making contact with these upstanding citizens had reason to believe that illegal activities were taking place, so they were then legally allowed to detain the suspects, identify them, and then investigate. All this is perfectly legal, and not unreasonable considering the circumstances.

It wasn’t because of their skin color. It was because of their behavior.

Right off the bat, all 4 of the African Americans are rude to this officer. One even yelled, “bitch!” while she was asking for their identification.

The person in back became the most aggressive: and he ended up losing an eye because of his behavior.

These four African Americans acted the same way right off the bat: because they had been conditioned to act that way. They had all been brainwashed with the growing (and increasingly dangerous!) idea that cops don’t matter: because they’re all racist. 

But where would they get this idea?

The “Ferguson Effect” is a dangerous plague spreading across America.

The amount of police officers who were murdered in 2014 jumped up 89%. This is a nightmare.

Cops are not our enemies.

They are our brothers and sisters, our mothers and fathers, our friends and neighbors. Our allies, not our foes. Some cops are good – and some cops are bad – but the vast majority of them are really in a uniform to serve and protect.

The “Ferguson Effect” is an idea that our society has taken up which follows a flawed idea. The idea is that no matter what happens, if a black man is shot, it was because of his race.

  1. Ferguson, Missouri – African American Michael Brown attacked a white cop and was shot to death in self defense. This spurred rioting, looting, and a huge amount of property damage. Cop was found to be in the right – but no one cared.
  2. St Louis, Missouri – African American Vonderrit Myers shot 3 rounds at police officers, who returned fire in self defense. What followed was multiple nights of protest.
  3. Baltimore, Maryland – African American Freddie Gray was killed while in police custody. Baltimore residents nearly burned down their city: BEFORE any information was even known about what happened.

This idea not only spawns unjust protesting, rioting, property damage, and innocent lives to be lost, it also poses an increasing danger to law enforcement across the country.

Obama, Eric Holder, and others have embraced a fantasy world in which they believe that cops everywhere are “infected” with racism and bias. If the cop is ever found they acted correctly, it becomes a big “cover up.”

As a result of the Obama administration blaming everything on race: Cops everywhere are in serious danger.

They next step for them will be to militarize to be safer. We’re already seeing that begin.

Think cops are getting meaner? I’d be willing to bet that they are: because they have to be. You would be, too, if your profession saw an 89% rise.

The further down this road that  America gets, the more American Patriots like you and I need to prepare. If left unchecked, this race war will inevitably lead to the following scenarios:

  • More officers getting shot in the line of duty (in increasingly gruesome and cold-blooded ways)
  • More officers getting shot will lead to a renewed focus on gun control, and increased public support for such “commonsense measures.” The cops won’t be any safer: because the people who shoot cops are already criminals who break laws anyways.
  • Race riots all over the country: murders, civil unrest, looting, raping, pillaging
  • Eventually, a civil war will erupt, and America will be under martial law in a state of emergency
  • That’s when ALL The guns will be taken, and things will really heat up. Prepare now.

Yes, there are racist people in America. But I’m not racist, you’re not racist, and data shows America is getting less and less racist all the time!

I’m not racist. I’m not a bigot. On the contrary: my religious beliefs cause me to believe that because it was created and inspired by God, ALL human life is the most precious thing on the planet and must be protected. That’s why I own a gun shop and training academy, plain and simple.

Not only am I not a racist: but I know that you are probably not a racist, either. How do I know that? Simple: In my life, I’ve never met a human being that was truly racist.

Not only that: but America is becoming less and less racist every day. Here are some statistics to prove that.


The percentage of people approving of interracial marriages is improving each year. This is a great sign!



Stereotyping is not always racist:

(it’s a skill necessary to survive)

Think about it for a second.

Imagine you’re in a dark alley way in the middle of New York City. You know the type of alley way I’m talking about here.

There’s a dark dumpster to your right, seemingly nothing behind you, and a little bit of light in front of you.

You hope you can make it out onto the public street safe and unharmed.

As you walk by the dumpster, a black man emerges from the shadows and says, “Hello, how are you doing tonight?”

How would you react?

The answer to that will vary greatly depending on other factors. For instance, if he was wearing a suit and tie, you would stereotype him as a business man. If he was wearing a priest-type collar, you might stereotype him as the Father in a Catholic Church.

If he was wearing a ski mask and holding a knife, you would classify him as a threat.

However, none of that had anything to do with race. If it was a white guy in an alley, wearing the same outfits, you would have the exact same reaction.

That’s called stereotyping: and it’s not racist. Classifying and categorizing types of people into “buckets” is a natural part of our brain’s process of identifying threats, friends, birds of a feather, and people who are dangerous or we cannot trust. It’s not called, “being judgmental” – it’s just classifying who people are.

It’s also not morally wrong.

What is the solution to the impending race war?

I’m not sure there IS a solution.

We can see the future: rioting, looting, pillaging. Eventually, this will inevitably cause more and more cop killings, which will in turn lead to gun control. From gun control, it will lead to further militarization of police – then eventually, martial law and a complete gun ban.

So, in a practical sense, there are a few key takeaway points to this article that I want you to take note of.

1. We need to become preppers. It’s too late to wait.

My business, Florida Gun Supply, is going to start offering a good selection of the most critical survival gear, supplies, and food so we can help the community prepare.

We’re also going to start a “Domestic Defense Club” which will train together once a month. The training will be both classroom training and range training – every meeting. Click here to learn more about our new Domestic Defense Club.

2. We need to engage our communities, spreading messages of hope: not anger.

America is divided right now. We need to unite.

Don’t go about your day complaining and bitching about your government. Spend your time investing in your audience’s future. Instead of griping about Obama, share the message to get armed, get trained, carry daily, and prepare.

The next time you’re at a social setting, make it an effort to engage members of another race. I’m not joking. We need to communicate to the entire nation a message of unity: not a message of division. Have conversations, spark debate, and unite with other races. They’re fellow Americans, and we need to make sure that no race ever feels left out of that.

Except Arab Islamic Extremists. Feel free to stop any ISIS threat you see :)

3. We need to get armed.

It’s no lie that Florida Gun Supply doesn’t make a lot of money on guns. On top of that, people would rather go to Rural King and buy a gun for $30 less than we have it for: even though Rural King doesn’t do anything near what we do for this country.

So I’m not saying get armed because I own a gun shop. I’d be saying, “get armed” to people even if I didn’t.

Criminals, thugs, gangs, and murderers all have easy, fast, and reliable access to firearms. That’s why you do, too. The crime rate in America has been going down steadily for the last 20 years. This is the first time it’s going back up.

Here’s what you should own (at minimum):

  • AR15, spare parts, 5,000 rounds of ammo (AK47 guys, too, I just prefer ARs)
  • A full size handgun with a large capacity (10-25 rounds) and 5,000 rounds of ammunition for it
  • A compact handgun or revolver for concealed carry or backup gun (2000 rounds of ammunition)
  • A .22LR long gun or survival gun for hunting small game (10,000 rounds: now you know why there’s a shortage on .22LR!)
  • A .22LR or .22M handgun for target practice

4. We need to get trained.

Our country is boiling right now.

Not only do we have this whole race war rising, but we also have the rise to the most dangerous enemy America has ever faced. ISIS.

These guys are smart, evil, well armed, and insane. They are committing mass genocide unchecked across the world and attracting more and more extremists to their cause.

ISIS is well trained. It’s time we were equally trained.

I’ve armed and trained over 4400 Patriots in the past 3 years.  If you don’t have your concealed carry permit, come take my concealed carry class.  If you have your permit but don’t feel confident enough to carry: come take my Courage and Confidence Workshop Classes. If you want to learn advance shooting techniques, take my Intro to Defensive Shooting Class.

Don’t just stop with guns: get trained in survival techniques, self sufficiency tips, etc. Join our Domestic Defense Club and train with us once a month.

Interested in something else? Put together a list of shooting goals and let’s make it happen.

5. Carry daily.

Seriously. Keep that gun on you at all times:

  • Keep one within arms reach while at home
  • Keep one in your car
  • Bring one to work if you are legally allowed (keep it concealed to avoid trouble)

For example – look at this video. The Dollar General a few towns over from us was robbed TODAY!


Sign up for our Domestic Defense Club below!

Get prepared: Request More Information on the Domestic Defense Club of Central Florida!

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Islam is the Biggest Threat to Your Survival… Here’s Why

Why Islam is the Biggest Threat to American Survival

Islam is a religion of war, hate, genocide, and pure evil.

Islam is a religion of war, hate, genocide, and pure evil.

There’s no such thing as “radical Islam.” This is a term made up by the American government in a politically motivated move to try to differentiate between Islamic “extremists” and everyday, peaceful Muslims.

I have to challenge that idea. All you need to do is pick up a copy of the Koran at your nearest Barnes and Noble (where I happen to be sitting while I’m writing this blog post), and you’ll quickly discover that Islam is not a peaceful religion. It’s an evil religion with a foundation of hate, intolerance, and an extreme history of violence.

Islam is the Only Religion Hell Bent on Taking Over the World

Lately, it seems that every single movie I watch has a villain that is set to takeover the world by “cleansing” a race it deems inferior. Genocide is becoming a notable theme in more and more movies.

Guardians of the Galaxy, Star Trek Into Darkness, Transformers – just to name a few – all have dark themes based around the main villain attempting to wipe out another race.

The movie "Guardians" depicts a villain set to "cleanse" races he deems "unworthy."

The movie “Guardians” depicts a villain set to “cleanse” races he deems “unworthy.”

Americans are quick to deem these people and their ideology as “evil,” but for some reason, we are unable to translate the same concept to real life.

Islam, at it’s core, is a religion based on genocide.

Islam Preaches Jihad… and Jihad is Genocide!

Jihad is classified as the “war or struggle against unbelievers.”

I won’t bore you with an entire list of the 164 passages in the Koran that directly reference a military Jihad against unbelievers by using violence, but I will copy and paste just a couple that really stick out.

[8.65] O Prophet! urge the believers to war; if there are twenty patient ones of you they shall overcome two hundred, and if there are a hundred of you they shall overcome a thousand of those who disbelieve, because they are a people who do not understand…

To put it bluntly, anyone who does not believe in the ideologies of the violence and Jihad written in Islam needs to be wiped out.

[9.12] …fight the leaders of unbelief…[9.13] What! will you not fight a people…[9.14] Fight them, Allah will punish them by your hands and bring them to disgrace, and assist you against them and heal the hearts of a believing people.

In other words, Allah will punish unbelievers by the hands of Muslims and Islamic fighters.

Go study the Koran for just a couple of hours and see how violent, hateful, and intolerant this religion is.

Why America Will Not Survive Islam

American citizens, and America’s government, dangerously have their heads in the sand when it comes to Islam. We are in complete denial about the truth behind this evil religion.

The Obama administration is leading Americans to have their heads in the sand about Islam.

The Obama administration is leading Americans to have their heads in the sand about Islam.

In the interest of being “politically correct,” American politicians and American citizens as a whole are unable to classify Islam for what it is – an evil religion out to produce a world society based on their hateful, violent, and oppressive ideologies.

Why not call a spade a spade? Islam, at it’s core, is based on evil. It’s the complete opposite of Christianity.

Here are a few examples of the American government putting it’s head in the sand about what Islam truly is:

  • On September 17th, 2001, just 6 days after the 9/11 terrorist attacks, President George W. Bush visited the Islamic Center in Washington D.C. and said, “Islam is peace.” This is completely untrue. Islam is destructive, dangerous, oppressive, and genocidal.
President George W. Bush declared, "Islam is peace."

President George W. Bush declared, “Islam is peace.”

  • During his trial, the Fort Hood terrorist named Nidal Malik Hasan openly explained his motivation for killing 13 military personnel and wounding another 30. He said, “The Qur’an mandates both defensive and offensive Jihad against unbelievers to impose Islamic law on those unbelievers.” The United States government stupidly classified Hasan’s killings as “workplace violence” – not terrorist attacks, which also made the dead US soldiers ineligible for the Purple Heart (and other benefits that are given combatants killed in the line of duty!)
Fort Hood was classified by the US government as, "Workplace Violence" - which does not allow the US soldiers special compensation, benefits, or the Purple Heart for being killed in combat.

Fort Hood was classified by the US government as, “Workplace Violence” – which does not allow the US soldiers special compensation, benefits, or the Purple Heart for being killed in combat.

    • In May 2013, another Muslim named Mujaahid Abu Hamza hacked to death a British soldier in the middle of a crowded London street, and then explained to people who were recording the killing on their cell phones that, “We are forced by the Qur’an, in Sura At-Tawba, through many [verses] in the Qur’an, we might fight them as they fight us. I apologize that women had to witness this today but in our lands women have to see the same.” British Prime Minister David Cameron announced, “…this was a betrayal of Islam and the Muslim communities who give so much to our country. There is nothing in Islam that justifies acts of terror…” Complete and utter ignorance. See the video below where he confesses his reasoning.

  • December 2013 – Terry Lee Loewen, an employee at the Wichita Mid-Continental Airport, tried to drive a van full of explosives onto the tarmac of the airport. The van was not full of explosives – the FBI foiled his plans. In his explanation, he said that he wanted to, “commit an act of violent Jihad on behalf of AlQaeda…” Kansas U.S. attorney Barry Grissom said, “there is no indication that the defendant was involved or working with any member of any religious community in Wichita.” Sickening.
  • Most recently, Alton Nolen walked into his workplace and beheaded a co-worker and put another co-worker in ICU in a blatant terrorist attack. The media and local police called this an “act of workplace violence” – even though Alton Nolen had direct tied with AlQaeda militants and ISIS. See Alton Nolen below.
Alton Nolen had known ties to AlQaeda - and even worshiped at the same mosque as a 9/11 conspirator.

Alton Nolen had known ties to AlQaeda – and even worshiped at the same mosque as a 9/11 conspirator.


There are dozens of more examples of these types of scenarios – and it’s sickening to watch how the US government, mainstream media, and American citizens keep their head in the sand about the truth of Islam.

There are countless numbers of these these types of events – do your research before you jump to any conclusions.

How Can I Protect Myself and My Family from Islam? How Can We Survive?

The most important and immediate thing you need to do right now, today, is to arm yourself with knowledge and start seeing Islam for what it is. Islam is based on hate, oppression, fear, death, and destruction. Have open discussions with your children, friends, family members, and spread the word about the truth of Islam.

The second most important thing you can do is arm yourselves, and train regularly. If ISIS ever decides to make good on their threat to ensure that “No Americans are safe in their homes at night,” you should have firearms, body armor, home security systems, and a solid plan of action that you practice before an emergency is ever to happen.

The third most important thing to do right now: change your lifestyle, and do your best to avoid “high risk” situations – such as taking your kids to Disney World or Washington DC – at least until the ISIS threat is diminished or reduced enough that we all feel safer.

Islam is the most dangerous threat to American survival. Start preparing yourself and your family now, and spread the truth.

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Blowing Up My Girlfriend’s Car to Test a Bullet Proof Vest

Nothing Spells L-O-V-E like B-O-O-M!

AR500Armor.com sent us a bullet proof vest to see if we could break it. We decided to put it to the ultimate test – using my girlfriend’s car.

Check out the video below – and remember that we highly recommend any products from our friends at AR500Armor.com!

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Enter to Win a Free Grenade Launcher from Florida Gun Supply!

Who doesn’t love free guns from an online gun store??

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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AR15 Torture Test: Helicopter Drop, Explosion, & More!

We decided to test the Enfield MERC415 AR15, and here are the results!

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M&P15 Sport Review & Torture Test: Smith & Wesson AR15

This free gun giveaway is courtesy of Florida Gun Supply.

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport Review

The Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport is a low cost, entry-level AR15 built to the same high quality you can expect from Smith & Wesson. The M&P 15 Sport AR15 is an excellent choice for your first AR15 – or if you just want an AR-15 that you don’t have to spend a ton of money on.

Let’s take a look at some of the features and unique qualities that are unique to the M&P Sport 15 AR15.

M&P15 Sport Feature #1: No Forward Assist

AR15 Forward Assist

Standard AR15 Forward Assist

A forward assist is located on the right hand side of most AR-15 platforms and is used to push the bolt forward in case of a malfunction with the gun. For instance, if the AR15 cycles, but doesn’t lock forward properly, a shooter can use the forward assist on an AR15 to lock the bolt forward.

You can either hit the forward assist with the palm of your hand, or push it forward with your thumb.

When designing the M&P Sport 15, Smith & Wesson made a good choice in removing the forward assist for a couple of reasons. First, the M&P Sport 15 is designed as an entry-level AR15, not an AR-15 that will ever be issued to soldiers on the front line of any battlefield.

When using a forward assist, there is a potential for an inexperienced shooter to use the forward assist to jam the bolt forward when it is not the right response to a jam. A forward assist on any AR15 could cause the cartridge to get super stuck in the rifle, which would require a cleaning rod to extract (from the end of the barrel.)

If the cartridge is stuck in place at the wrong time, or in the wrong way, the pressure buildup inside of the chamber could be so immense that it could cause a life-threatening catastrophic failure when you snap off the round.

A lot of shooters prefer not even to chance this type of situation and instead use the charging handle to eject the round that hasn’t seated properly.

The M&P 15 Sport engineers made a great call when deciding to reduce the cost of their AR15 by not including a forward assist – most shooters don’t use forward assists often, and when they do, it can lead to a dangerous situation.

M&P15 Sport Feature #2: No Dust Cover

Dust cover for AR15

Dust cover for AR15

On an AR15, a dust cover is a piece of metal that can be manually closed to prevent dirt, grime, mud, and other debris from entering the bolt carrier group and chamber. When the dust cover is closed, it will automatically open when a round is fired through the AR15, which will then allow the shell to be extracted.

The M&P 15 Sport engineers made another good call when not adding a dust cover to their Smith & Wesson Sport AR15. Most AR15 shooters have little or no need for a dust cover because they’re firing from safe and clean enviroments. Again, the Sport 15 is not the type of AR15 you take to war – it’s the type of AR15 that’s mostly used at shooting ranges, hunting, etc.

Outside of most situations, the dust cover is hardly used, and isn’t needed when not in a dirty and grimy combat situation.

M&P15 Sport Feature #3: Affordable AR15

Florida Gun Supply has the M&P15 Sport for sale at their online gun shop for just $652. You can also find this gun cheaper by joining a gun buying club.

Looking through some of the prices at Florida Gun Supply, the only cheaper AR15 we found was the ATI Omni Hybrid for either $552 or $572 depending on if you want the quad rail or not.

While the M&P15 Sport doesn’t come with a quad rail, you can easily pick one up and add it on – it’s a super easy job.

M&P15 Sport Feature #3: A Reliable AR15

Florida Gun Supply tested the reliability of the M&P Sport 15 against the ATI Omni Hybrid. Watch the video below – it may surprise you!

Smith & Wesson M&P15 Sport: Worth Every Penny!

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Survival Christmas Ideas: Paracord Survival Bracelets

Christmas is Right Around the Corner… Get Your Prepper a Paracord Survival Bracelet or Anklet!

paracord-survival-braceletsSurvival bracelets and anklets are the absolute perfect stocking stuffer for any prepper or survivalist, and they come in a very wide variety of colors.

A survivalist would have thousands of different uses for a survival bracelet if they were ever in a SHTF situation:

  • Building survival snares and traps
  • Fishing line
  • Tourniquet
  • Trip line
  • Shelter

and thousands of other uses.

Each paracord survival band comes with over 10 feet of 550 paracord, which is the same material that the US Military employs in their parachutes. This is some very strong cord!

USParaband.com Is Offering a 50% Discount on All Paracord Survival Products for Christmas!

Check them out!

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