Month: November 2011

SurviveUSA Does NOT Use PayPal

SurviveUSA Does NOT Use PayPal   In one of the most egregious examples of a public business attempting to impose its political philosophy on its [...]

Curtilage Explanation

Curtilage   An important concept in American Common Law, curtilage is the area surrounding a house or dwelling that the resident looks upon as an [...]

About SurviveUSA

SurviveUSA – About Us SurviveUSA started while two of the owners were cleaning up damage caused by the ice storm and discussing “The End Of The World As [...]

Prepare Your Mind for Survival

Prepare Your Mind for Survival As a survivalist you have already realized that preparing for the unknown gives you the best chance of being able to handle [...]

How To Buy The Best Survival Knife

How To Buy The Best Survival Knife A critical tool in any survivalist’s kit is their knife. We are not talking about knives that are used to carve turkeys [...]

Surviving Off Wild Animals

Surviving Off Wild Animals If you ever find yourself in a position where you have to capture, kill, and eat your own food to survive you will want to know [...]

Surviving Hostile Environments

Surviving Hostile Environments If you find yourself or a group in a hostile environment you will have to use your knowledge, training, and planning to avoid [...]

Frostbite Symptoms and Treatment

Frostbite occurs when the tissues of our bodies are exposed to temperatures below the freezing point of skin and freeze. The areas that are most susceptible to [...]

Hypothermia Prevention and Preparedness

As we are approaching the fall and winter months we need to prepare for the onset of cold weather and winter storms. In a perfect world we are protected by [...]

Survive a Snakebite

Although snakebites are uncommon snakes are often present in wilderness situations or in areas where you have strayed from civilization. For a survivalist or [...]