Month: February 2012

Survival Bracelets & Survival Gear – Paracord

Survival Bracelet Quick Facts: Paracords (parachute cord) survival bracelets were made popular by the military - used in the suspension lines of US [...]

Sharpening Your Survival Knife in the Wild

When you are in the wild and all you have is your survival knife you will be glad that it is around. Knives have many uses including helping you to make camp, [...]

Five Best Survival Signals

Survivalism is not always about hiding out or avoiding your enemies. Often survivalism can be about being found when you are out on your own and need to be [...]

U.S. Army Considering Replacing Standard Rifles

Due to quality and reliability issues with the standard M16 and M4 rifles, the army is looking into replacements that would go into the hands of hundreds of [...]

Water Purification with Household Bleach

Having clean water is a must for SHTF situations and when you need to stay hydrated or clean. Most guides recommend that consumers store at least one gallon of [...]

Sending a Smoke Signal

Sending a Smoke Signal Smoke signals are thought to have first been used by Chinese soldiers along the Great Wall and are also one of the oldest forms of [...]

Finding Water for Survival in the Wild

Finding Water for Survival in the Wild If you have found yourself in a situation where you are lost or stranded in the wild and need water, it pays to know [...]

Survivalist Essentials

Survivalist Essentials Consider yourself a true survivalist? You should have a good set of tools (literal and figurative) that you are familiar with in case [...]

Building an Improvised Shelter

Building an Improvised Shelter When you are in a survivalist situation and need to build an improvised, aka bivouac, shelter, it helps to know what materials [...]