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The Basics of Your Ideal Bug Out Bag

The Basics of Your Ideal Bug Out Bag Your bug out bag will be your go-to emergency bag that is designed to allow you to grab-and-go so you can get out of emergency situations and survive with nothing else except … Continue reading

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Important Bug Out Bag Considerations

Important Bug Out Bag Considerations Most survival blogs talk about bug out bags and all the potential items that you need to pack inside them. While there are always things that we need to pack, it is still astonishing to … Continue reading

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The Versatility of the AR15

The Versatility of the AR15 When talk of guns comes up, there is always someone who mentions the AR15. For those who are heavily influenced by the media and are unfamiliar with the firearm, understanding why anyone could want or … Continue reading

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SurvivalBlog Original: Hurricane Charley VS Tropical Storm Chantal

Survivalblog Suggests You Take Action – PREPARE! Back in 2004, Hurricane Charley became the strongest hurricane to hit Florida in 12 years. It caused massive damage, at least 4 deaths, and tons of people without power. Because Charley was expected … Continue reading

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