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South Carolina Church Shooting & the Solution to Violent Crime in America

The Solution to Violent Crime in America: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Always carry your gun, get trained, and be prepared for anything! Survival in a grid-down situation will boil down to a few things: How well you’ve prepared … Continue reading

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Top 6 Reasons to Take Florida Gun Supply’s 3 Hour CCW Class

Our 1000 Share Promise: Watch and Share This Video & Help Change a Community! Survival isn’t just about guns: it’s also about training and preparing!

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How Obama is Making America Racist (& Headed for Martial Law)

Obama is leading America into civil war: and he will dub it, “The Race War”  Disclaimer: This article is going to make a lot of folks pretty mad – but I don’t care. The truth must be heard. So, before you … Continue reading

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Enter to Win a Free Grenade Launcher from Florida Gun Supply! Who doesn’t love free guns from an online gun store?? a Rafflecopter giveaway

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How to Assess Threats for Survival | Survival Blog

It is important when planning your bug out bag or evacuation route to take a realistic look at the threats present in your local environment. There are some easy, effective steps that anyone can take to do this. To start … Continue reading

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Gnarliest AR15 Torture Test: DPMS AR15 VS ABUSE

Check out this gnarlie AR15 torture test we created over the weekend. You’re going to love it! Remember to subscribe to our YouTube channel and THUMBS UP the video!

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Holy Crap… Did You See This??

Two Tons of Uranium Seized by Bolivian Police This is a direct threat to our existance. Who do you think the buyers would have been? al-Qaeda? Jihad? Other Muslim extremist groups? I’d be willing to bet they were going to … Continue reading

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670 Million Without Power in India – GET READY.

That’s double the population of the United States without power. Are you ready? Here’s what happens when the grid fails. A lot of this is based on what happened directly after Hurricane Katrina devastated New Orleans, and the human reaction to the … Continue reading

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Zombie Apocalypse? SHTF or TEOTWAWKI?

Killer spiders or Zombies? You decide! View Zombie Apocalypse (SHTF) Map in a larger map

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