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South Carolina Church Shooting & the Solution to Violent Crime in America

The Solution to Violent Crime in America: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Always carry your gun, get trained, and be prepared for anything! Survival in a grid-down situation will boil down to a few things: How well you’ve prepared … Continue reading

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Top 6 Reasons to Take Florida Gun Supply’s 3 Hour CCW Class

Our 1000 Share Promise: Watch and Share This Video & Help Change a Community! Survival isn’t just about guns: it’s also about training and preparing!

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Enter to Win a Free Grenade Launcher from Florida Gun Supply! Who doesn’t love free gunsĀ from an online gun store?? a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Zombies: Why They Won’t Be the Undead (yet)

  Wal-Mart EBT Food Stamp Glitch – Zombies Created Did you hear about the recent EBT (food stamp) glitch? Basically, the EBT system broke this weekend. The break was simple but devastating – the EBT cards no longer had spending … Continue reading

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Holy Crap… Did You See This??

Two Tons of Uranium Seized by Bolivian Police This is a direct threat to our existance. Who do you think the buyers would have been? al-Qaeda? Jihad? Other Muslim extremist groups? I’d be willing to bet they were going to … Continue reading

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Group or Solo Survival?

The Army Special Forces works in 12-man groups where they share specialties between the members in the areas of: weapons, engineering, medicine, communications, and operations and intelligence. They are able to help each other out as they are also trained … Continue reading

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