Enter to win a FREE FMK 9mm!

Gun Giveaway: Our Online Gun Shop Gives Away Free Guns Every Month! We want the world to know about our online gun store, Florida Gun Supply, so we’re giving away free guns every month! Free FMK 9mm – With Bill of Rights Inscribed! Make sure you give us a good email address, because if you […]

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South Carolina Church Shooting & the Solution to Violent Crime in America

The Solution to Violent Crime in America: Get armed. Get trained. Carry daily. Always carry your gun, get trained, and be prepared for anything! Survival in a grid-down situation will boil down to a few things: How well you’ve prepared for a survival/grid down situation How much you’ve trained and practiced for said situation The […]

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Islam is a religion of war, hate, genocide, and pure evil.

Islam is the Biggest Threat to Your Survival… Here’s Why

Why Islam is the Biggest Threat to American Survival There’s no such thing as “radical Islam.” This is a term made up by the American government in a politically motivated move to try to differentiate between Islamic “extremists” and everyday, peaceful Muslims. I have to challenge that idea. All you need to do is pick […]

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Enter to Win a Free Grenade Launcher from Florida Gun Supply! Who doesn’t love free guns from an online gun store?? a Rafflecopter giveaway

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