• Super Bug Out Vehicle: Kick Ass Survival Vehicle

Super Bug Out Vehicle: Kick Ass Survival Vehicle

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Knight XV Conquest

Knight XV Conquest

This Bug Out Vehicle Will Save Your Life

In a recent article we posted on the Best Bug Out Vehicle we took a look at some of the land and sea vehicles you should consider as your ultimate SHTF bug out vehicle.

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Best Bug Out Vehicle Ever

Best Bug Out Vehicle Ever

Given the popularity of our last article and the utter sickness of this bug out truck, we thought we would dedicate one post to the Knight XV by Conquest Vehicles. Conquest is responsible for the design of ultra-luxurious, fully armored, sport utility vehicles.

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Knight XV

The Knight XV is their flagship vehicle and offers more features, amenities and luxury than any gangster limo you can dream of.

Ultimate Survival Vehicle - Knight XV

This beast contains a GM 6 liter V8 or an optional Cummins 6.7 liter diesel engine that put out 325 HP and 300 HP respectively.

Best Bug Out Truck Ever!

Complete with a serious luxury interior and thermal imaging camera, the features inside this truck are sure to please even the most seasoned tank driver.


Knight XV Rims - Serious Survival Rims

If you are into rims more than crushing everything, you’ll be happy to know that the Knight XV comes with either 20’s or 22.5” rims that are forged from heavy grade aluminum.

Top it off with an armored grille, commercial grade air ride suspension and joystick controlled search lights, and you are just starting to get into what makes this monster moan like a wildebeest.

Knight XV Security Features

After you are done drooling over the fine leather and sweet sound system, you can move on to the real reason you are purchasing this hog- the security appointments. The Knight XV comes standard with the following survivalist features:

  • Front and rear night vision cameras
  • Roof mounted rear view camera
  • Transparent, tinted, armor glass throughout
  • Transparent moon roof panels
  • Run flat system on all tires
  • Passive anti-theft key system
  • Under vehicle explosive protection system
  • Under vehicle magnetic attachment detector
  • Black box made for vehicle usage
  • Fire resistant security safe
  • Oxygen survival kit
  • Positive pressure defense system against gas attacks
  • Exterior surveillance camera
  • Fire extinguisher

Optional Features

Although the truck comes stock with some pretty serious protection the owners have the option to upgrade their trucks based on their own individual requirements. For example, the ballistic glass used in the Knight can be upgraded to meet the required protection and tint level. Not that you would be so concerned about the tint if you were choosing to upgrade a truck that comes bullet proof. The engine too can be upgraded to a Flex Fuel package or a 400 HP diesel package that, in case you were wondering, is U.S. DOT compliant.

How do you get one? Put $25,000 down to secure your deposit along with your Production Reservation Order Form. How much will it run you? Only about $295,000. I guess it pays to live, and with the Knight XV, you certainly increase your chances.

Bug Out Vehicle - K

Bug Out Vehicle – K

Knight XV 4

Knight XV 4

Knight XV

Knight XV


  1. Avatar
    geeknik April 02, 2012

    Is it shielded against EMP? Probably not.

    • Avatar
      alex April 24, 2012

      that is an optional feature

  2. Avatar
    Dave April 02, 2012

    I like it, but I think I’d take the Marauder instead. It’s not as classy but I like it. Here’s a link to see it and watch it tested by the funny guys at Top Gear. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cDoRmT0iRic

  3. Avatar
    admin April 04, 2012

    HAHA We’ll be doing another post on the Marauder soon!

  4. Avatar
    Anon April 04, 2012

    Quite frankly, this would be a terrible survival vehicle. If you drive this around, people will see that you’re an asshole with too much stuff. They will stop you, and they will kill you. And then they will take your stuff.

    Boring. Indiscreet. Normal. Non-douchey. Those are how you stay alive.

    This is pretty close to the exact opposite of a good survival vehicle – it will get you killed.

    • Avatar
      Anon April 05, 2012

      indiscreet (adjective):
      not discreet; lacking prudence, good judgment, or circumspection.

      that is the exact opposite of what you meant, which is ironic because you criticize this vehicle for being the opposite of what it really is, a car that is fucking immune to bullets, gas, incendiaries, and magnet-mounted trackers. good DAY, sir.

      (and a FINE article, by the way, as it does not posit in the slightest that the motorcar in question is people-proof)

  5. Avatar
    JustSayin April 05, 2012

    Gotta love vehicles obviously designed to suit the drug cartels…

  6. Avatar
    jim April 11, 2012

    Not bad, I’ve driven many armored vehicles, military and civilian, I like this one, don’t think you need leather seats and all, some more practical options would be better, but overall not bad. I could see this in my garage, maybe not so shiny, but nice.

  7. Avatar
    mrokie May 27, 2012

    Twood be nice to be rich. As for me, I will settle for my deuce and a half.

    • Avatar
      Dan August 03, 2012

      Yes, I’m with you on that one. Cheaper, bigger, more parts around, and you can just dump whatever fuel you want into it and it will run. In fact I’d be willing to bet you could run a deuce and a half on fat people, given the need.

  8. Avatar
    s johnson September 02, 2012

    very cool looking ride for those with to much cash ,looks like a mad max truck.would for sure get alot of attention which could be the downside to it and to get parts for it after tshtf would make it short lived.

  9. Avatar
    jeremybrett September 24, 2012

    i’ve never seen anything so stupid .. how many miles does it get to the gallon.. and where are all those gallons of fuel going to come from? .. it’s alright as a big boy’s toy, it’ll make you the guy with the most impressive school run vehicle on your street, but it has no practical value at all in a shtf sort of scenario

  10. Avatar
    Hassi October 24, 2012

    wow! I love this one. Looks are killing man This truck rocks. The black color is adding to its grace.

  11. Avatar
    mrgraywood January 05, 2013

    Silly car.
    For true survival, get an ordinary 4×4 offroader. As a european, I’d choose a Toyota Hilux. Reliable, tough, and as a normal pickup “everyone” uses, it’s supereasy to scavange parts for if needed. No fancy electronics. Early diesels had gravity fed mechanical injector pumps, making it virtually EMP-proof. And because everyone and their uncle has one, it doesnt stand out when parked behind a barn.

  12. Avatar
    Vishakh Beharry February 24, 2013

    My sister sent me to this site and she was totally right, keep
    up the terrific work!

  13. Avatar
    louie2037 March 20, 2013

    Pretty cool vehicle but, if used as a BOV, I’d give up all that pointless luxury for some practicle survival items.

  14. Avatar
    ljfa May 26, 2014

    Like gas stations will be open along the way and of course they’ll have the power on. . .no EMP problems at all. Oh yea, and a big friendly smile cause they really want you fiat dollars!

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