Awesome Survivor Gear

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Beyond the necessities of food, water, shelter, a knife, compass and emergency first-aid kit, there are a few survival tools that make life on the move a bit easier. Being a survivor doesn’t mean living like a caveman in the wild, a survivor means being prepared and part of preparation is investing in awesome survival gear. Let’s take a look at some of the cooler gear you should purchase so that you can bring it with you in the event that SHTF and you need to move into the woods.


A GPS will let you track your position and navigate to safety day or night. More advanced GPS systems include topographic and trail maps, making it easy for the survivalist to find safety even when they become lost due to rushing through the wilderness. You can also use a GPS to relocate a safe position you might have found in the event you needed to disappear. GPS batteries have a limited lifespan, especially when they are constantly being used. This is why part of your awesome gear pack should also include the following.

Solar Charger

Your GPS or cell phone isn’t going to work very well when its dead now is it? To avoid ending up the same way, look into solar chargers. These devices convert the sun’s rays to electricity and can be used to charge your phone, GPS, lanterns, radios, walkie-talkies and other portable electronics. These devices store energy in internal rechargeable batteries so that you can charge the batteries in the sun during the day and recharge your electronics at night. Look for a solar charger that is weatherproof and works in even the most moderate of light conditions. For a really useful solar charger, look into backpacks that have solar charges built in so you have multiple tools in one place.

Technical Clothing

Have you ever seen that commercial where the guy is strapped to the top of a SUV that drives through snow, sleet, rain, and other extreme weather conditions? They are selling technical clothing, gear designed by scientists to be the fastest drying, most water repellant, warm, and comfortable clothing on the market. While these clothes are more expensive than most, their ability to preserve your comfort in extreme weather conditions will be well worth the expense when you are on the move outdoors. The best thing about this survival gear is that you don’t have to wait until you are on the move to use them.

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