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What Is The Best Bug Out Vehicle (Survival Vehicle) for You?

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What is the best bug out (survival) vehicle for me during TEOTWAWKI?

2012 Survival Vehicle
2012 Survival Vehicle

Here are some areas to focus on. Ideally, your bug out vehicle should have as many of these traits as possible:

  • Your bug out vehicle should be fast
  • Your bug out vehicle should have off-road capabilities
  • Depending on the survival situation, you may want to have a bug out vehicle that floats (not typically recommended)
  • You obviously need to be able to afford your bug out vehicle
  • Your bug out vehicle should be able to withstand an EMP

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Let’s consider some of the best survival vehicles you can buy that help you get out of dodge when SHTF during TEOTWAWKI.

Bug Out Vehicle #1: The Sport Utility Vehicle (SUV)

SUV Bug Out Vehicle Pros:

  • Carry a lot of supplies
  • Available in 4×4
  • Can tow accessories
  • Can carry 7-8 passengers
SUV Bug Out Vehicle Cons:
  • Bad on gas
  • Maybe vulnerable to EMP

The SUV is often a good choice for a survival vehicle; it can carry a lot of supplies, is available in a 4X4, can tow, and can carry 7-8 people. For the most part this vehicle can get you anywhere you need, paved or unpaved and can also be used every day.

Bug Out Vehicle (SUV)
Bug Out Vehicle (SUV)

Bug Out Vehicle #2: The All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV)

ATV Bug Out Vehicle Pros:

  • ATVs are versatile
  • ATVs are easy to maneuver
  • 4×4
  • Won’t get as stuck as an SUV
  • Not as susceptible to EMP attack
  • Can go where automobiles cannot

 ATV Bug Out Vehicle Cons:

  • When they do get stuck, they get BURIED
  • Small carrying capacity
  • Cannot carry passengers easily
  • Provides little protection from the elements and danger

The ATV is great because it can go where most automobiles can’t. In this same respect it can’t exactly carry as many supplies or people in the event you need to bring a lot of passengers or gear with you. These are generally considered great for quick get-a-ways where limited protection from the elements and limited number of passengers is not a prerequisite.

Bug Out Vehicle - SUV
Bug Out Vehicle – SUV

Bug Out Vehicle #3: Enduro Motorcycle

An enduro motorcycle is designed to take on the streets, the gravel, and everything else you can throw at it. Just type in the words “Enduro Motorcycle” into Google and you will see articles on the BMW R 1200 GS. This bike is designed to be easy-handling off-road and on, is able for touring, and can carry one passenger as well as moderate cargo.

Bug Out Vehicle: Enduro Motorcycle
Bug Out Vehicle: Enduro Motorcycle

Bug Out Vehicle #4: Sail Boat

Perhaps your journey from TEOTWAWKI takes you into the sea. After all, a sailboat requires limited fuel, can carry multiple passengers, the ability to make its own fresh water and offer the freshest food all the time. An open ocean, or blue water sail boat is what you are after here. Sail boats can be equipped with battery powered desalination devices, solar power, full kitchens, private quarters, and an endless range provided the wind is blowing.

Bug Out Vehicle - Sailboat
Bug Out Vehicle – Sailboat

Other Bug Out Vehicles (Survival Vehicles)

Don’t forget that you can also travel on foot which is why we always encourage our readers to maintain good physical fitness in the event they have to bug out. A mountain bike is also a good means of self-propulsion that you can use to go off-roading or on the pavement. You may also consider a bug out truck, camper truck, RV, Humvee, or tank, whatever floats your boat. Pun intended.

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    1. Bug out viclhee? I think this viclhee will attract way too much attention to itself and screams I have rice, beans, water, t-p, guns and plenty-o-ammo ..and I’ll be out of fuel 120-miles down the road with no possible way of me able to haul all this shit on foot..All the same, how much for this utilitarian go getter? Fits right in with my middle-class crime free leafy suburb.(honestly.it does)More appropriate as a para-military type that means to be visible maintaining law and order I think

  1. Well….I reckon I’ll have to say my partner .. MY CHEVy TRUCK (#1)! And I’ll git me an ole’ slingshot and me and my ole’ hound will just have to survive like “HANK JR.” says! Because…if you aren’t “COUNTRY” your just BS and in the way!! ROLL DAMN TIDE, FLY FUCKING NAVY!!!!!! TAZZ

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