Buying a Handgun

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Many survivalists will tell you that owning a good handgun is a must for reasons of self-defense in survivalist situations as well as to maintain the peace at home. There are several considerations to look at when buying a handgun and we will discuss them briefly here. There are no real rules to buy a handgun; these are just things that are based on personal preferences as well as what to look for if you are new to guns. Generally the best hand guns are the ones that feel best in your hand and that you are comfortable shooting. You can always ask around the block what your friends recommend but remember that this is your gun and should fit your personal criteria.

Researching Which Hand Gun is Best

First and foremost you should look into the specifics of guns and decide why you want one. Decide where you will keep it, what kind of ammo you want to use, the accuracy, size, weight, and the other variables that come into play. After you have formulated a plan and have decided if you want a massive Dirty Harry shooter or a handgun you can place on your ankle you can narrow down your search process. Begin to compare prices and weigh the pros and cons of each gun you are considering.

Handling Your First Handgun

After you have done the above research it is time to visit the shooting range and test the handguns out firsthand. Most shooting ranges have a wide variety of handguns to choose from and you can call ahead to see if they have the guns that you are considering buying. Spend some time firing each weapon and make the decision as to what you think would be the best to own. This is a worthwhile process as handguns are expensive and buying the wrong gun would just be plain sad. Talk with the employees at the shooting range about the handguns you are considering and see what they think. They are generally able to offer unbiased opinions because they want you to enjoy your shooting experience. Heed their advice and see if what they say holds true when firing the weapons.

Buying a Handgun

After you have decided on a handgun you would like to buy you’ll want to try and get the best price possible. Handgun purchasers have many options including sporting goods stores, big-box stores, stand-alone gun shops, gun shows, online, and shooting ranges. It is more than likely that sporting goods stores and big box stores will have salesmen who are less than knowledgeable about the guns. They are obviously not specialists when it comes to handgun sales but if you know what you want and the price is right then they could be a good option. Stand-alone gun shops will likely offer the most knowledgeable staff and if you can develop a relationship you’ll have some room to negotiate. Gun shows are not known for their pricing on guns but are good places to get ammo and accessories. The internet can offer some good deals but buyers need to be aware of the shipping, service and return prices before making their decision.

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