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What are the Most Common SHTF Scenarios?

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As a survivalist or prepper you are trained to handle many different survival situations and do your best to plan for the unknown. The thing is there are SHTF events that are more likely than others. Thus, it makes more sense to spend more time training for those events than say a comet colliding with the earth or an alien invasion.

What Are the Most Likely Survivalist Situations?

Survivalism may be attributed to your personal situation more than anything. These types of events can be played into the natural disasters of your geographic location, your financial standing, likelihood of attack on a major city, and resources in your city. You may not know what exactly to prepare for but here are some helpful considerations:

Natural Disasters

As mentioned above, geographic regions are more or less susceptible to certain disaster. On the east coast you risk hurricanes, in middle America tornadoes as witnessed recently, and on the west coast the increased likelihood of earthquakes or fires. All these places are also at risk for flooding, a devastating concern we witnessed in New Orleans by hurricane Katrina. Knowing what you are most at risk for can help you plan and purchase the resources necessary to increase your chances of living more comfortably.

Economic Collapse or Depression

The U.S. and many countries around the world (Greece, Italy, Japan) have neared complete financial meltdowns in the recent past. Are you secure enough in your job to afford an economy where income is scarce and the pitfalls of losing your income are looming? Will paper money become worthless through hyperinflation? What would you need to survive this type of devastation?

War- Conventional & Biological

It seems that the U.S. is always involved in some type of fight somewhere in the world. Many believe it is not because we want to be but because we have to be. Our presence in other countries makes us hated in some respects although 9/11 shows that we are no fools for protecting our rights and liberties. Countries, terrorists or activists who may not agree with our protocols are often threats to our great nation. In this respect it is those that live in the bigger cities- New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C. -that are faced with the biggest threat as that is where it may make sense to strike first.

SHTF events are happening around the world without warning. Your knowledge of what your most inherent risks are can play a big role in shaping your preparation.

2 thoughts on “What are the Most Common SHTF Scenarios?

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