Doomsday Scenarios

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Doomsday Scenarios

TEOTWAWKI can come from a multitude of different angles and although you may have already prepared for a broad range of risks, there may be some that will just happen to us all. The truth is no one really knows when the end of the world will happen or even IF it will happen. The key to survivalism is to be prepared for situations in which you can survive. There is said to be six types of humanitarian risks based on scope (personal, regional, global) and the intensity (endurable or terminal).

Here are few doomsday risks that you can think about prepping for:

Human Risks

The risks we pose to ourselves, either intended or unintended could be the start of our collapse. A scientific chemical that gets out of hand or a Terminator type robot life really don’t seem so far out of reach given the modern technologies and sciences of today.

Nuclear War

Perhaps the most televised of all global threats is nuclear war. There are numerous countries with nuclear warheads and guess what? They are not all allies.

Climate Change

Global warming, an ice age, the flooding of land due to the melting of the glaciers; although a lot of the myths behind global warming have been debunked, it still appears that climate-related disasters are on the rise. Hurricanes, flooding, mud slides, and tsunamis have all made themselves present in recent years.

Global Virus or Pandemic

Swine flu, smallpox, tuberculosis, the black plague and even HIV. These are all examples of infectious diseases that spread through human populations or large geographic regions. The possibility of a global pandemic to spread is unpredictable although represents something that no country or continent wants to relive.

Biological Warfare

You probably recall the threat of anthrax the United States went through a few years back. The intended spread of biological disease to other countries is a threat that has historical significance and one that cannot be overlooked.

Famine or Ecological Disaster

A large-spread crop failure or scarcity of water could lead to widespread starvation, death by thirst, or food riots. People will do some crazy things when their resources have been deprived.


Supervolcanoes eject magma and ash which can cover large geographic regions and cause a chain-effect of widespread death. Volcanoes can release large amounts of debris and gas that can cause a greenhouse effect, block out the sun, result in crop failure, and kill surrounding citizens immediately.

There are various other threats we face and that all are serious. Stay prepared when possible and consider the possibilities of TEOTWAWKI or other doomsday scenarios and plan for your survival.

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