Five Best Survival Signals

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Survivalism is not always about hiding out or avoiding your enemies. Often survivalism can be about being found when you are out on your own and need to be rescued. When you find yourself in this type of situation, you will need to utilize your resources to create signals that will help potential rescuers find you and bring you to safety. The following are the five best survival signals that can be spurred in nearly any situation where you need to bring attention to yourself.

1. Fire

A fire can help you stay warm at night, keep your mind centered, and attract attention from above. When you are in a survivalist situation and want to build a fire for attention, find a high-elevation wide open space that will be easily seen from the sky. Three fires in a triangular formation is the international signal for help, and another option is building three fires in a straight line about 80 feet apart. If you can’t build numerous fires or only have the resources to build one, construct a fire as large as possible that doesn’t risk burning down the forest.

2. Smoke Signals

A smoke signal is a great way to signal for help just as the Native Americans did and the Boy Scouts still do. In the daytime, construct a fire big enough to generate plumes of smoke from it. Throw green foliage or wet brush on top of your fire to create smoke. A good fire will be able to generate thick, white smoke that can be seen for hundreds of miles. Once you have a good smoke signal to utilize, use a blanket or jacket to send distress signals. Begin by covering the fire for a second and then pulling it off three times in a row.

3. Mirror

A mirror or other reflective device can be used to reflect the sun’s rays and signal a passing plane or helicopter. Tilt the mirror or reflective device back and forth towards your potential rescuer to signal for help. Get to high ground if possible for your best chance of being seen.

4. SOS

An SOS signal is derived from Morse code to signal distress. If you don’t have a two-way radio to send an SOS signal (three dots, three dashes and three more dots) you can spell out the words with tree branches, rocks, in the sand, or other creative yet visible ways.

5. Body Signaling

Waving your hands back and forth can be a simple yet effective way to signal for help. If a plane or helicopter is flying above and is close enough to see you, wave your hands above your head to see if they can spot you. You will want to be in a clear area or at a high elevation for the best chance of being observed from above.

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