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Five Ways to Purify Water

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Survivalists realize the importance having clean water plays in emergency situations. This is why having knowledge of how to purify water is at the top of the survivalists list when it comes to necessary planning and preparation. We have included five ways to purify water so that when a circumstance presents itself, you will be ready. Most of the water purification techniques mentioned below are used to purify water that contains bacteria or viruses. Water that contains poisons, oils, chemicals, sewage or other contaminants should not be used for drinking. Purified water is also used for medical, chemical, pharmacological, chemical and industrial applications.

Water Purification Tips #1: Boil Water for Purification

The most popular and well known process to purify water is to boil it. Boiling water for 15 to 20 minutes is known to kill 99.9% of all living bacteria and vaporizes most chemicals. Boiling is also the safest way to purify water and is easily done over a stove or a fire.

Water Purification Tips #2: Purifying Water with Chlorine Bleach

Chlorine bleach is used to purify water through a process called disinfection. Disinfection is when harmful microbes are cleaned out and virus and bacteria-containing pathogens are filtered out to provide for suitable water. Chlorine works to kill harmful micro-organisms although too much of it is toxic. Purifying with chlorine should be done only if the user is knowledgeable with the appropriate chlorine-to-water mixtures.

Water Purification Tips #3: Water Purification through Filtration

Used frequently with carbon, this type of filtration absorbs many compounds that are known to be toxic. Water that passes though activated carbon is used as a purification system and is used by many municipalities as well as in household filters.

Water Purification Tips #4: Water Purification through Reverse Osmosis

Osmosis is when water is drawn out of your body in an attempt to dilute the salt in your stomach. This is why drinking ocean water will kill you. Reverse osmosis is a filtration system that removes large molecules and ions from solutions so that water is drinkable. Portable reverse osmosis processors are available and are popular because they are easy to use. These are commonly seen in military capacities.

Water Purification Tips #5: Ultraviolet Light Water Purification

Ultraviolet light is used as a disinfectant from a UV light source that is enclosed in a transparent protective sleeve. Water passes through a chamber in which UV rays are admitted and absorbed by the stream. This kills bacteria and viruses and eliminates the risk of disease.

2 thoughts on “Five Ways to Purify Water

  1. A good idea for purification would be the “ozinator” from discovery’s “The Colony.” Now assuming that we aren’t all mad scientists or rocket scientists, but given enough study the use of ozone to purify water is ingenious after TSHTF. Personally I’m a little foggy on using a Tesla coil to produce ozone, but if this is done correctly (and en mass) the possibility of actually mass producing purified water is a great step towards restoring a community.

    1. There is a SUPER cool ozone generator that is built in an OtterBox – watertight when closed up.
      It works on 6 AA batteries and creates enough ozone to purify a glass of water in 3 minutes…better than boiling then having to wait for it to cool !
      Acmezombiesupplies shows this unit.. and sells on Ebay.
      Also good for killing odor in shoes or items sealed in a baggie…keep food fresher for longer….etc..

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