Having a GOOD Bug Out Plan

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As a prepper, one of the many things you must plan for is how you’re going to get out of town when SHTF. This is a huge step in prepping for any kind of disaster.

Planning Your Bug Out – the Road Out of Dodge

I’m sure most of you are familiar with the saying ‘Time to get out of Dodge!” Well, preppers use the acronym GOOD (Get Out of Dodge) to explain when it’s time to get the heck out of town. When it’s time for you to GOOD then it’s probably time for everyone in your city to do the same. For this very reason you need to plan your route ahead of time (can you imagine being stuck in a traffic jam during the Zombie apocalypse?)

Get Out of Dodge Tip #1: Get a Real Map!

The first step depends on what kind of town or city you live in. If you live in a large, urban city (or even a suburb) then you need to think of which road/direction will get you out of town in the shortest amount of time.

I don’t believe in using Google Maps for this task. You will know your neighborhood better than Google. Also, you won’t be able to rely on the Internet if a catastrophe happens. Get a REAL map (the tangible kind).

Get Out of Dodge Tip #2: Practice Makes Perfect

Once you have decided which direction you will go, start practicing the routes you can take to get out of town. Practice makes perfect so be sure to drive the route during morning and evening rush hour.

Also, have at least 2 options for driving out of Dodge. One of the roads you take might be closed (see number 4)

Sidenote: Be sure to have a clear sleeve for your map. This map will be more valuable than GOLD when you’re in an emergency. Keep it safe and dry.

Get Out of Dodge Tip #3: Always Have Enough Fuel On Hand

Keep your gas tank full. I think this one is self-explanatory. If the situation is bad enough for you to immediately evacuate town then you probably won’t have time to go to the local gas station (if the gas station is even open at this point)

Either keep enough 5 gallon gas containers on hand to fill up, or always keep your gas tank full. In any event, make sure you have enough gas to make it to your bug out location.

Get Out of Dodge Tip #4: Get You Some 4-Wheel Drive

Your car needs to be prepared. If you have more than one option, use the vehicle that is more capable of ‘off-roading’. You may hit a few snags on your way out of town. There might be roadblocks or debris on the road you were going to take. This is why you practiced taking at least 2 different routes out of the city.

Pack small grab bags that will keep you alive for at least 7 days. These bags are packed ahead of time (before an emergency ever happens)

Get Out of Dodge Tip #4: Know Where to Go After Getting Out of Dodge

This is a personal preference kind of question. I suggest going to an area that is very rural. Go somewhere where you have more control of your surroundings and rely less on organized support. If you are unsure of how other people are going to behave during an emergency then it is better to isolate yourself.

This blog post was written by our good friends at Ready for Doomsday, where you can find tons more information on being ready for doomsday!

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