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I Can’t Believe What These Parents Did (You’re Going to Be Angry!)

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Before the horrible video: a positive story (for once!)

So, it’s 9:00 pm right now and I just sat down to relax. Like, really – after the way Florida Gun Supply has been running this summer, a little leisure can’t hurt. (Not to talk about work, but I’m super excited about our new simulator training!)

I opened my phone and came across the video you’ll wish you’d never have watched. You’re going to be as pissed as I am. But before we get to that – here’s a positive story every parent (especially single dads) can relate to.

The Unfortunate Milestone in My 3-Year-Old’s Life (and in Mine!)

Before sitting down to relax, I had finally gotten my own 3-year-old macho man to bed after a his very first wasp sting.
I admit – today, I was “one of those” parents. Even though it’s pretty common knowledge that far less than 3% of all toddlers have bad allergic reactions to wasp or stings, I was a bit concerned and kept a constant eye on it for quite some time. With the crazy way our world works, who knows.

My 3-year-old son's first b-sting. Poor guy. He took it like a champ!
My 3-year-old son’s first b-sting. Poor guy. Does this picture not break your heart? Er. I mean. He took it like a champ!

Knowing that there’s an evil little sac which pushes all the venom out of the stinger as it dies (and into our kids!), it’s always best to get that stinger out of there immediately. Luckily, it was an easy one.

(Look it up on YouTube. It’s a real thing.)

It was a wicked bad sting, though – by those nasty Florida Paper Wasps. Not sure what they’re called. The bastard that got my son was killed pretty instantly (atta boy!), and I made retribution with an entire can of Raid. (Found 5 more nests in the next 5 acres.)

Let me explain how my preparation paid off – before the worst parents of all time video!

The real story I want to share is about parents who are a disgrace to all humanity. But I feel like I need to tell a POSITIVE STORY before I share with you the craziness in the video below.

I had been preparing for this moment for a long time. I probably over-thought this situation, and I never would have imagined that it would have happened today – May 27th as I brought in our groceries. But it did. (Have you noticed that’s kind of how life goes?)

Pity Purchase: Stops the Sting

I started preparing for this a few years ago – I was with Matt and we were at our very first gun show. The booth next to me was selling this ointment called “Stops the Sting.” I don’t think they sold much over the weekend, but they were super nice people and helped us learn the “gun show ropes” that we were invaluable lessons.

So I bought a couple of tubes of “Stops the Sting” as a pity purchase.

You’ve done a pity purchase. We all have. Don’t judge me.

When I came home from the gun show 3 years ago, I strategically placed the bottle in the first aid kit I keep on my counter – secretly vowing to make 100% sure I would’t misplace the “Stops the Sting” bottle just in case Chris got his first real burn from Mother Nature.

I’ve never seen any anti-itch or anti-sting product work like Stops the Sting does. It really stops the sting.

We’ve finally found a REAL PRODUCT that does exactly what it’s advertised to do.

Stops the Sting was so awesome that I just HAD to start telling you about it. This stuff needs to be shared on social.

I’m pleased to say that this stuff is incredible. What these people said at the gun show really happened – it took the pain away instantly, stopped the swelling, and saved the day.

This stuff is so awesome, I decided to call the company and resell it – and seeing as how my accountant told me that my relaxation techniques need to actually make some money for once, sign up below for a $5 coupon off this stuff.

Here’s the awful parents video. I could only watch it once. Comment below – and share this if it sickens you as much as it does me.

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