How To Buy The Best Survival Knife

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How To Buy The Best Survival Knife

A critical tool in any survivalist’s kit is their knife. We are not talking about knives that are used to carve turkeys here but knives that are used in survivalist situations that may include cutting string and rope, cutting twigs for fires, cutting plants for eating, creating trap pieces or even consuming food. The question is not really what you are going to use your survival knife for, rather the best knife for your needs. Your knife will no doubt need to be resilient and be able to sustain a lot of use as a good knife will be repeatedly used in any survival situation. There are a variety of different knives to choose from that offer different features, blade types, and lengths. Here is a guide to choose the right survival knife for you.

Why Choose a Fixed-Blade Survival Knife?

In your knife search you will likely be considering between a fixed-blade knife and a folding knife. Folding knives have blades that lock in place, are considered safer and easier to carry, and can often be opened with one hand. Alternatively fixed-blade knives are effective for immediate use and there is no risk of the folding mechanism breaking or malfunctioning. For this reason folding knives are a poor choice as they can fold on your fingers and can break on the joint if used too forcefully. You want your knife to be able to withstand frequent and sustainable use and not worry about breaking parts or the risk of an injury. It is for this reason many survivalists choose fixed-blades.

Large Blade Knives

Large blade knives are knives that have blades that are bigger than six inches. Aside from Rambo you will likely not need a knife this large to get through your survival situation. When you are in the wilderness most of the use from your knife will involve it as a tool and not a weapon, thus negating the need for a man-sized machete. Large blade knives are also cumbersome as well as difficult to control when carving. Leave these knives for cutting down jungle trails and consider the application, safety, and carrying capabilities a smaller knife will have on your survival.

What to Look for in a Knife

Survivalists should look for a knife that has a strong fixed blade, a comfortable handle, and a blade that is easy to control and not too large or heavy. Your knife should be extremely durable and should maintain its blade for a lifetime. Look for knives with warranties from manufacturers who back up their products.

6 thoughts on “How To Buy The Best Survival Knife

  1. The moras are a great all around survival knife but I really am in love with a sog seal knife, gotta have it if you are going to need to batton toget to dry wood if it’s wet outside.

    1. Very often people in spcilaiezed occupations, such as electricians, would carry spcilaiezed tools including pocket-knifes. In the rating I was in we were expected to select a suitable pocket-knife on our own and carry it with at all times we were working, except when in the Uniform Of the Day.A local surplus store might be a good source of information.

  2. I know you believe fixed blades are best, and I completely agree that they are safer, but I would definitely recommend Cold Steels Rajah II or the Rajah III.

  3. my personal choice for my BOB is a BK9 and a BK24 combo, or BK2/BK24 with a GB SFA , worth the weight and I have “two is one and one is none “covered…….

  4. See I would argue that for survival, a hatchet or ax is going to go a lot further than a knife will. Ideally, you’d have both, of course, but a knife isn’t going to last very long chopping wood etc.

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