Improve Your Handgun Shot

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Improve Your Handgun Shot wants to explore some ways to improve your handgun shot so that you can hit the target when you need to. The guide is not intended to teach you how to hit moving targets such as plates or cowboy style hip shooting but rather basic handgun marksmanship. This type of shooting requires an attention span that helps you to shoot with precision.

Sight Picture, Trigger Control

If you have been given shooting lessons you have probably heard this pneumonic “sight picture, trigger control.” What does it mean? Trigger control is the practice of manipulating the trigger in such a way as to not disturb the sight picture, allowing the shot to land where the shooter intended. This involves isolating the trigger finger by getting the fingertips, knuckles, palm and thumb to work together to get an accurate shot. To do this the shooter must:

  • Keep the grip unchanged throughout the shot execution
  • Allow the trigger finger to do this without disturbing the shot execution

Sound difficult or contradictory? A good shooter must master how to isolate the trigger finger without moving anything else in the hand.

Improving your Handgun Shooting Technique

You can learn to isolate your trigger finger by following a drill that helps you to overcome unnecessary hand movements that affect your accuracy. You can actually do this without holding a gun.

  1. Hold your shooting hand out (sin gun) and line it up as if you were going to shoot it.
  2. Use your knuckle at the base of your thumb as the sight for your sight picture and aim at a target on the wall.
  3. Go through 10-15 slow, deliberate shots with your trigger finger.
  4. The hand’s natural reaction is to have the thumb or other fingers to follow the trigger finger as it fires. This is counterproductive to your shot accuracy and the changes in pressure will alter the shot and recoil.
  5. Continue to practice these practice shots while concentrating on the shooting hand and keeping everything fixed except for the trigger finger.

At first the drill will seem unnatural because your fingers and hand will want to follow the trigger finger. Concentrating on the trigger finger will allow you to improve your shot and your consistency. Repeat the drill a few times a day and watch as the drill becomes less awkward and more comfortable. Move on to the shooting range and use a target to see your progress.

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