Is Survival Gear More Important Than Knowledge?

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Is Survival Gear More Important Than Knowledge?

Let’s say you are poised with this question on a rainy, cold day in the comfort of your living room. You would probably say that with good gear, survival becomes easier. Now consider if you had to answer this question if your plane crashed in the wilderness somewhere on a cold, rainy day and your gear was now unavailable? How would you make due? What good does all that gear do now that you are stranded without it?

The above example may be an unlikely one but that is the point of SHFT situations. They are often unexpected and call for training to take over when your comfortable sleeping bag, tent and glock are not next to you in your 4X4. While we would never argue that survival gear is important, there must also be equal emphasis placed on bare bones survival tactics such as shelter construction, food preparation, and water consumption.

Balancing Gear & Knowledge

It should be examined that knowledge can make gear but gear can’t make knowledge. In the wild there are certain tools that will be needed more than others and having access to them will no doubt improve your chances of survival or result in less time being spent trying to construct shelters or find food. Take the knife for example; an essential survivalist tool that you hope you would have in the event of a survival situation. If you don’t have your survivalist knife, you will have to use your knowledge to utilize the resources that are around you to make due.

Tools will definitely get you by and allow you to improve your situation quickly. Beyond that, a relaxed state-of-mind and the ability to plan will determine your ability to survive in the long run. If your will to survive is meager, no tool can help you get by.

What If Your Gear Fails?

The other thing to consider is what you will do if your gear fails? If your knife breaks, your GPS fails, your water purification system is broken, or if you run out of ammo, what will you do next? This is where you will have to employ the knowledge you have of what it is that makes those tools work and use nature or other resources. Knowledge will allow you to create a sharp object out of stone, navigate using the sun and stars, boil water, or make self-defense weapons out of the forest so that you can survive to buy more gear.

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