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Learning Survivalist Preparation from the Contagion Movie

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In the recent movie Contagion where a deadly infection spreads throughout the world a survivalist can take notes on the importance of preparation and the societal disorder that takes place as a result. Here is a basic synopsis of the plot:

A business woman returns home from her trip to Hong Kong with a strange sickness that she brushes off as the flu or some other infection. After falling to the floor and seizuring uncontrollably she is taken to the hospital by her husband where she soon dies. Upon his return home, the husband finds that his son too was infected and that he loses both wife and son in the same day due to the unexplained illness. Thus begins the spread of the deadly infection that the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization are attempting to control as people around the world are dropping dead with no vaccine in sight.

The nurses soon strike not wanting to become contaminated and what follows suit is the threat that anyone could soon die and the cessation of virtually all work forces including law enforcement. Burglaries, theft, pillaging and murder take place as it is a fight for oneself to survive and find food.

What a Survivalist Can Learn from Contagion

Many people think that an episode such as this one is not unthinkable. After all, swine flu took its course for months before a vaccine was found. The basic concerns after panic and chaos ensue are the safety of your family and their supply of food and water. In the movie grocery stores are smashed up and people with guns are taking over in an attempt to get any last meals. A survivalist would have a healthy supply of food and drink available to them in the event grocers were inaccessible.

In addition to food and drink the safety of one’s family and would be a top priority. If your home was no longer safe due to burglars and the threat of disease would you have a backup location that was remote and that also contained necessary survival items? The mere ability to have your needs prepared for would place you above the rest. Furthermore, having the foresight to determine that a sickness that makes the news may result in panic as well as the military taking over and disallowing your mobility out of a city should make any survivalist aware of the importance of moving quickly rather than seeing what pans out.

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