Physical Fitness and Survival

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Physical Fitness and Survival

It should be noted that preparation for when SHTF includes a physical fitness regime that will allow you to endure the situation you are presented with. Being in shape allows you to live a healthier life but also will help in the prevention of injuries when you are required to mobilize, fight, or think clearly when you are on the run. The U.S. military uses fitness and physical training to help maintain the physical and mental health of their soldiers and for good reason. It helps to save lives. Not only do soldiers need physical fitness for combat readiness but they, as well as ordinary citizens, can utilize the benefits of exercise to enhance the quality of life, improve productivity, and bring about positive physical and mental changes.

Four Components of Physical Fitness

The four components of physical fitness that should be the goal of a survivalist are endurance, speed, agility and strength. These will all help your chances of survival when SHTF.


Endurance involves your ability to travel long distances over varying terrain that can test your mobilization skills. Being immobile because you are too weak, tired, thirsty or hungry can result in a compromised situation. You will have to build up your endurance with training that involves movement that takes hours. You don’t want to jump immediately to hiking through the mountains with a weight on your back, begin your endurance training after you have reached a decent physical fitness level.


Speed and endurance complement each other and you can incorporate your speed training into your endurance training. Speed involves being able to run quickly when you need to pick up the pace. Try to sprint in between a jog or pick spots where you want to push the intensity envelope. Speed training will tax the body because it requires a lot of energy and forces intensity on the body. Because of the toll it takes on the body it should be kept to a minimum of 2-3 days a week.


Being agile will test your ability to navigate obstacles quickly such as an attack, moving in or out of tree lines, or navigating mountainous terrain. Agility training starts slow and builds up. The idea is to be quick and nimble and this can be achieved through training such as box jumps, jump rope, suicides and running sideways or backwards.


Strength is your ability to lift or carry heavy objects over long distances or in quick spurts. You can build strength naturally by doing manual labor around the house, with weight training, or with intensive training that involves only your body weight. To do this develop routines that involve pushups, pull-ups, squats, and ab exercises.

2 thoughts on “Physical Fitness and Survival

  1. Nice post. I don’t think you can emphasize the need for physical enough. The clarity that it brings to the mind is enough reason nevermind the increased fitness level. You can be the most prepared person I the world but if you can get from point A to B because you are so out of shape.

    Another thing to consider you be acquirng some self defense or hand to hand combat training. Thanks again for the post.

  2. I am in law enforcement, we train with FMJ loads baesuce of cost. They are no less accurate, feel or different than hollow point. We do qualify with what we carry on duty, due to all the law suits agency’s are subject to. Attorney’s are always looking for some loop hole to make our lives miserable.

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