Prepare Your Mind for Survival

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Prepare Your Mind for Survival

As a survivalist you have already realized that preparing for the unknown gives you the best chance of being able to handle anything thrown your way. Although secretly you may be hopeful that survival situations may never present themselves, you are prepared for the worst of times. In addition to supplies, training, and equipment there is also another very important factor a survivalist must work on to help them survive difficult situations. This factor is you and the psychology of survival as it pertains to your attitude and decision-making process. Survival is not supposed to be a walk in the park; it is a stressful and trying time that can put you through a variety of thoughts and emotions that you can train for.

Emotions of Survival

When you are placed in an unknown or life-threatening situation you’ll have to be able to control your emotions so that your decision-making process stays intact. If you are experiencing anxiety, anger, fear, depression, loneliness or guilt you will have control your reactions in  healthy ways as to not let them get in the way of your ultimate goal- surviving. If you allow your mind to slip into unhealthy areas while trying to survive you are risking your life and that of those around you. To overcome and succeed you will need to be able to assert positive dominance over your feelings so that you can avoid self-destruction. This psychological training is called developing your survival attitude.

The Survival Attitude

There are several components of the survival attitude that are all centered around your ability to adapt and overcome. Fear is a natural emotion in the face of adversity and your ability to maintain your confidence will allow you to function and make the right decisions. The decision-making process you make when in survival situations should be realistic as should your expectations. This involves being prepared for the worst and maintaining a positive attitude no matter what the outcome. Remembering what is at stake can help you to cope with your needs and help you to focus on the decision-making process that may keep you and others alive.

Training for Survival

An important factor in your survival is the training you have undergone to prepare your mind for survival situations. Practice your skills to build confidence in yourself and when a real survival situation presents itself you will be better suited to overcome the situation. Preparation, emotion control, and training; all things that can help you develop your survival attitude.


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