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Sar Arms B6p 9MM Review: One of My Favorite Handguns for Under $350

Posted On August 1, 2013 at 8:01 pm by / 48 Comments

Sar B6P Review

So I recently picked up one of those Sar Arms B6P 9MM that I’ve been hearing about – and I have to tell you, it’s great. When I first saw it with my friends over at Florida Gun Supply, I wasn’t too sure about it.  It looked weird – unlike any gun I’ve ever seen before. The slide on the Sar B6P sort of sits INSIDE the frame/receiver of the gun. This gives you a bit less of a grip when you are racking the slide. It feels awkward at first.

When I picked up my new B6P, I was even more worried.  Did I make a good purchase? But then I brought it to the range – and I cannot be happier.

I would absolutely recommend adding a Sar Arms B6P to your everyday carry or bug out bag.  Here’s why I love my SAR B6P:

  • This 9mm is durable, lightweight, and ergonomically sound (fits my hand perfectly
  • Is super affordable for a 9mm
  • Has been torture tested by me and others – and always comes out on top
  • The SAR B6P is quite literally the most accurate gun I shoot with

This is the perfect gun for your bug out bag, for your daily carry gun, or to bury in a secret cache until the day comes when its needed.

Here’s a picture of the B6P 9MM with a 3.8″ barrel:

Click here to see the full product page on the Sar B6P

SAR B6P 9mm Features

Honestly, at this price point, you just won’t find a handgun with as many features as the B6P.

The single action trigger on this gun has an excellent feel which makes it super accurate.  The only weird part about the B6P is that the frame comes up higher on the slide than on most guns – but I’ve come to love that feature because it really helps keep the gun lighter.

Because the slide is shorter, and the frame rides higher on the slide, the SAR ARMS B6P has a fantastic recoil control that keeps you on target much faster.

The double action is a bit stiff at first, but then it breaks right in.

Sar Arms is a company out of Turkey, but its imported from a company called EAA from Rockledge, Florida.  EAA imports quite a few guns – all of which are the highest quality.

The Sar B6P is very similar to a CZ75 gun – which is a great design.  It has a polymer frame, which keeps it light, and like I said before, the slide rides right inside the frame which keeps it balanced and helps with recoil.

Sar B6P 4.5″ Barrel

The particular B6P that I purchased does not have adjustable sights, and the manual safety does not have a de-cocker on it. If you need to de-cock a SAR B6p, you need to handle it manually – with care, and in a safe direction!

This gun does have the option to have the B6P hammer in a half-cocked position – and that’s the position I would carry this gun with.

The tear down on this gun is pretty simple as well!

Bottom line: Buy a B6P for your bug out bag, daily carry, or your buried cache – its a perfect gun for both of those uses.

Florida Gun Supply has the Sar Arms B6P ON SALE at a great price! Click here now!

48 thoughts on “Sar Arms B6p 9MM Review: One of My Favorite Handguns for Under $350

  1. I recently bought one of these pistols and I must agree, It is absolutely outstanding, Iv shot friendly competitions with my buddies against the much more expensive Beretta M9’s and model 1911’s and because this pistol is so easy to get used to after about 10 rounds of warm up, I was dominating, This pistol is reliable and affordable, Perfect in damn near every way…. The fact that its a good looking gun is just a bonus

      1. Alien gear holster was the only vendor that listed the B6P model so I got one for open carry and their new cloak 2.0 works great and is very comfortable. They have a lifetime warranty and lifetime trade in if you move to a different weapon

      2. I have found that DeSantis holsters made for Springfield XD 9mm service model with 4″ bbl, fit quite well except abt 3/4″ of SAR muzzle protrudes from the end. So you would want a open end holster.

        Also, Firearm Pros have 32 rnd Pro Mag brand mags for CZ75 with a single catch slot, that work perfectly, selling for $20.75. Even though the SAR magazine has two catch slots, a single slot magazine works perfectly. http://www.firearmpros.com has DeSantis holsters at the lowest price I have seen anywhere.

  2. Sounds good,Andrew i was looking for a new 9mm to replace the one that was stolen from my nightstand, the Gun looks good to me and has a large capacity mag as well. it seems to have high end functions that you would find on a 500 dollar gun if it shoots as good as the reviews i am definitely picking one up this week and hope i get the same luck with mine that you had with yours.

    Keep shootin

  3. I bought this gun a few months ago because of the low price online at WholesaleHunter.com $269.00 and the reviews I have read about it. The gun is much better then even the good reviews. It functions flawlessly and is very accurate. The owners manual does not recommend using the half cock, it was not intended as a safety nor is it needed as one. There is a positive firing block that can only allow the firing pin to move when the trigger is fully depressed to the rear position. Making this a very safe gun to carry. This has to be the best value of any 9mm pistol out there. Cheap, light, dependable, powerful, accurate and safe. 5 Stars

    1. It was mentioned that the half cock shouldn’t be used. I ask, why is it there then? The half cock position shortens the stiff trigger travel when firing double action on first shot. I think that’s what it is for.

      1. The half cock, if same as with the CZ75B, is a safety measure if you carry with a chambered round but choose not cocked-and-locked mode. CZ does not recommend lowering the hammer fully on a chambered round.

      2. The half cock is used in case of sear breakage so that the hammer drops to the half cock notch. With the adding of a firing pin block half cocks are usually replaced with a safety notch instead.

  4. I bought the SAR B6P late last year to keep in my vehicle. What a great little pistol. Inexpensive but well built and it shoots well and accurate. For the price it can’t be beat.

  5. I have recently bought the sar b6p 9mm and I got to tell everyone it is a very well put together gun very good with recoil when firing and very light and comfortable feeling when its in your hand

  6. Wow what a great pistol im really impressed with this gun light and it has a polymer body.I like the feature if you didnt know you can buy cz75b clips they do interchange.at 25 yards it groups well.durable dependable all this at a great price.an I do agree it takes a few hundred rounds to be broke in .

  7. I was on the fence with the b6p. But when Buds price dropped down to $265.00 I couldn’t resist. Love the pistol at the range. A quality gun. Cz75b mags are compatible. Eaa and mecgar are under $25 for 16 rd. mag that came with mine holds 17. A week after my purchase, price went up to $320.00.

  8. I bought one of these over a year ago and was surprised at what a good gun it was. I proceeded to buy another because I thought it was just a fluke and maybe I had gotten the one good one, I have since picked up more of them and every one is as good as the others. A great economical handgun that is worth more than the $249 I bought my last two at.

      1. In case I’ve got company when the zombies come.So my friends will be able to shoot when they come over,many more reasons he can buy all he wants.

  9. I have a b6p and I like it very well it is lightweight well put together and very accurate haven’t missed the target yet very well made gun if you wanna buy a good gun this is the one to get

      1. That’s all I shoot in mine. Speer Gold dot 124 grain +p hp 9mm bullets. I’ve shot over 300 of these through my b6p and it loves them. What owners manual are you reading from?…

      2. Keep in mind having the manual translated to English means a little something is lost. Anyone who has read a manual translated from Chinese knows what I am talking about. I contacted SAR by email. The manual states not to use non standard ammo, meaning reloads. All factory ammo including plus p is permitted. SAR stated in their email that all their 9mm handguns are made to handle 9mm NATO, which are essintially 124 grain +p. Ammo that is +p+ you may want to stay away from.

  10. Wow!
    I have been searching for an affordable 9mm, having thought I was going to have to settle for a Hi Point. After reading the wonderful reviews on this gun and viewing a few YouTube posts, my mind has been set. And, I have made arrangements to acquire one for only $284.00. Can’t wait to get it!
    Thanks everyone.

  11. This is a repeat of a reply to a older post so more readers will see it. I think the SAR B6P is super and now on sale at CDNN for $249.99

    I have found that DeSantis holsters made for Springfield XD 9mm service model with 4″ bbl, fit quite well except abt 3/4″ of SAR muzzle protrudes from the end. So you would want a open end holster.

    Also, Firearm Pros have 32 rnd Pro Mag brand mags for CZ75 with a single catch slot, that work perfectly, selling for $20.75. Even though the SAR magazine has two catch slots, a single slot magazine works perfectly. http://www.firearmpros.com has DeSantis holsters at the lowest price I have seen anywhere.

  12. I purchased the all steel 9mm Sar B6 around 2 1/2 years ago. Have put around 2,500 rounds through it with no issues other than the ones I created. It used in 3 gun matches, carry and just having fun and would not trade it for the world. The only difference is the safety on mine is backwards meaning down is safe and up is fire. Some people do not like this but I do. Glad to see accessories coming out for this gun. I just picked up a Sar Semi Auto 12 gauge but not have had time or weather to shot it.

  13. I purchased the SAR B6P Compact 13+1 Due to Colorado’s Magazine limits, but I love this little gun. The
    Blackhawk SERPA Sportster Holster RH SIG 228/229 413505BKR fits this one perfectly.

  14. Out of the box, Fit my hand perfect , shot full clip and every one was in 4 inches of the bulls eye with a couple in the center , Cleaning the gun was a snap, easy apart and back together, Having a custom fit holster made next wk, Great pistol

  15. i just got a sar arms b6p compact and with the hammer fully back and safety on the slide still allows me to pull it all the way back but the trigger can’t be pulled is this normal or a problem with the firearm. i need to know it’s new and never been fired just stripped and cleaned.

  16. I own one of these I have put thousands of rounds through it without a single malfunction even after putting a few hundred rounds through it at a single time. the thing I like the best is I do a lot of desert scrambling and climbing hiking and this gun was cheap enough that I dont mind that it gets banged up while climbing sliding ect. I dont think it would take a hard fall but it does do the trick. pretty dang accurate to and easy to see over the front sight post while aiming.

  17. I acquired one of these for my first pistol.
    For the price it’s well worth it.
    I’ve put a lot rounds through it and only had one,yes one fte due to lousy ammo.
    These things take a beating and still work like a charm from some of the videos I’ve seen them go through.

  18. I’ve had my B6P Compact for a year and a half and it is fantastic. Found it on sale at Sportsman’s Guide for $235. Very pleasant to shoot, accurate, and impresses everyone who handles it. Might be a tad big for carrying all the time but a great value.

  19. Just got one my self my first 9mm wow just wow not bad at all paid $225 i love it better then a Hi Point 9mm for under 300

  20. I have two of these for the reasons mentioned above… I had several really expensive guns but took this one to my three day course at Front Sight. I just can’t believe how good this gun shoots!! My instructor shot it too hoping to poke a bit of fun but loaded up another clip and after went and bought one!

  21. I was in a local pawn shop today and was just browsing their handguns, and looked at a Ruger 9mm. I liked the looks of it but the hand grip felt a little narrow. I then asked to see the SAR B6P. I immediately felt comfortable holding this pistol. It seemed like it fit my hand like it was made for it. I needed more info on this gun, so that is why I am here. I may still shop around, but this jewel is definitely at the top of my list. I just loved the feel of it. And the positive comments here will also help my decision. Thanks guys.

  22. I took this to a range when I got it, the rangeman said he had never saw a gun like it before. I let him shoot it. Bullseye. his first shot, my first was too. Love this gun.

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