Survival Lessons From Rambo’s First Blood

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Even Survivalists Need a Laugh 🙂

In First Blood, John Rambo is reintroduced to civilian life after spending the last few years (or movies) kicking a** in Vietnam. Apparently Rambo’s transition to civilian life is a rocky one (pun intended) as an insult from a small town’s sheriff angers Rambo to a point where he becomes violent and takes out his frustration on lesser trained law enforcement and the National Guard. In this awesome example of survivalism we can take away a few lessons although we aren’t recommending anyone go postal the way Rambo did on those ignorant deputies.

Let's Learn Some Things From Rambo!
Let's Learn Some Things From Rambo!

Don’t Underestimate Your Enemy

In First Blood the first thing that excites moviegoers is the ignorance of Sheriff Teasle and the other deputies when underestimating the sheer badassness of Rambo, a former Green Beret and Medal of Honor recipient. After threatening Rambo and abusing him in jail, Rambo manages to break free and flees to the forest. Thinking that Rambo is now an easy target, the law enforcement agencies underestimate the skills and expertise Rambo has in the area of jungle warfare as he proceeds to kill officers, take out helicopters and ruin angry dogs in the process.

Rambo Survival Techniques
Survival Techniques from Rambo!

Training Equals Increased Chance of Success

This movie stresses how important Rambo’s training is to his success. Besides being borderline psycho, he is also highly trained to survive the wild and protect himself in this element. By creating shelter and weapons Rambo is able to fight off the deputies and the National Guard. Rambo has an uncanny ability to recognize the threat against him and prepares accordingly by utilizing his army training to create the demise of the local authorities. When Rambo’s former commanding officer, colonel Trautman, shows up to smooth things over, he understands the training that Rambo has undergone and predicts the necessity of body bags due to the reluctance of the deputies to give up.

The More Survival Training You Have, the Better!
The More Survival Training You Have, the Better!

Know Your Environment

Rambo knows the jungles of Vietnam and the heavily wooded area of Washington State don’t differ much in terms of foliage and natural resources. To help guard himself against the deputies and National Guardsmen, Rambo utilizes the cover of the thick forest to make himself invisible to his enemies. By hiding in the forest, making improvised torches in mining caves, and stealing CB radios, Rambo perfects the art of adapting to one’s environment and wrecking hell on relative novices who keep failing to realize that they are way in over their heads.


Survival Knives
Survival Knife - Rambo

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