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SurvivalBlog Original: Hurricane Charley VS Tropical Storm Chantal

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Survivalblog Suggests You Take Action – PREPARE!

Tropical Storm Chantal’s Path

Back in 2004, Hurricane Charley became the strongest hurricane to hit Florida in 12 years. It caused massive damage, at least 4 deaths, and tons of people without power. Because Charley was expected to hit further north than it did, which caught many people off guard and unprepared.

This morning, I saw on NOAA weather center,, that Tropical Storm Chantal was becoming a threat worth watching. As the owner of Survivalblog, I take special note on hurricanes and do my best to prepare the best I can, and have users of Survival Blog be as prepared as possible. Even if you don’t live in Florida, we need to be prepared with the same exact checklist in case of an emergency.

Its important to note that Hurricane Charley, pictured below, started near the same area, and around the same time as the current Tropical Storm threat, Tropical Storm Chantal.

Hurricane Charley’s Path

That said, we here at SurvivalBlog suggest that its important to watch where the hurricane is FORMED.  Hurricane Charley and Tropical Storm Chantal are forming in the same place!

Here’s SurvivalBlog’s Hurricane Checklist

We’ll start with the essentials to life:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Security

Remember the rule of 3’s – 3 weeks without food, 3 days without water, and 3 minutes without air, and you’re dead.  Water is the most important priority, followed closely by shelter, and then finally food.

Survivalblog Hurricane Checklist #1: WATER FIRST

Water is the most important element of life.

Remember: water can be contaminated with chemicals, bacteria, or viruses. Most water can be consumed after boiling with very little risk of a person becoming sick from it. However, chemicals will not come out by boiling.

Here are some great survival water filtration products that we use here at SurvivalBlog, which are great for hurricanes.

Survival Water Ideas – the WaterBob!

The WaterBob allows you to fill your bathtub with safe, clean, drinkable water – perfect during the calm before the storm, and plenty of water for your entire family. You need one of these in each bathtub in your home!

water-bob-survival-water water-bob-survival-water2



Bugging Out for Survival? Get Something Portable!

We all know that water is super heavy.  If you choose to bug out, make sure you choose a bug-out route near running water to ensure you always have access to life’s essentials.



The LifeStraw personal water filter is a great filter to get your water anywhere its accessible, and will filter out many 99.9999% of the water born bacteria you may come in contact with. Every bug out bag and bug out plan should contain one of these nifty little gadgets. It could save your life!

Survivalblog Hurricane Checklist #2: FOOD

Food is absolutely essential to survival.

Consider purchasing a ready-made, 72 hour emergency food kit for each person in your family. Also stock up on plenty of canned foods.

When preparing for a hurricane, make sure you’re planning on storing your food and other essential items in a way that they won’t get lost or destroy during the storm.

The type of product you see below will be able to be buried or anything else and still be OK to eat.



Survivalblog Hurricane Checklist #3: EMERGENCY SHELTER

Shelter is essential for survival. Not only can it protect you from the elements, but it also can serve as a place of rest to boost moral. Make sure you have some sort of emergency shelter planned.

When bugging out, your shelter needs to be small enough to carry with you – try one of these cheap and portable survival tents.


Survivalblog Hurricane Checklist #4: SECURITY

Remember that after a storm or other major incident, people go crazy. Don’t be caught off guard – make sure you are prepared to defend you and your family from looters and people who have not prepared for themselves.

Handguns and shotguns offer the best personal defense firearms in these types of situations, but an AR-15 is never a bad choice either.






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