SurviveUSA Does NOT Use PayPal

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SurviveUSA Does NOT Use PayPal


In one of the most egregious examples of a public business attempting to impose its political philosophy on its customers, PayPal will not allow its customers to buy or sell:


(1)        Any firearm, working or not;

(2)        Firearm parts and accessories;

(3)        Ammunition;

(4)        Items that might promote violence or intolerance;

(5)        Items considered (by PayPal) to be obscene;

(6)        Sexually oriented items (i.e. Fredericks of Hollywood);

(7)        Certain weapons or knives;

(8)        Precious metals (without prior authorization).


In addition, PayPal reports to the Federal Government sales when transactions exceed $20,000 or 200 payments in a calendar year.


    Apparently PayPal is a firm opponent of the 2nd Amendment, and an individual’s right to self-protection, self-determination, and individual responsibility.  Embodying crony-capitalism at its worst, PayPal is itself an obscene extension and intrusion of the Government into private affairs, and as such, cannot and will not be used by SurviveUSA.


    We recommend that no American use PayPal or its parent corporation, EBay.


One thought on “SurviveUSA Does NOT Use PayPal

  1. It’s about time a company does not attempt tp force a customer to use the socialist paypal. i have refused to do business with a company that doesn’t accept any other payment method. I don’t trust them. A couple of years ago I ordered from a company on paypal. Paypal “jacked” my credit card number and allowed several of their dealers to charge a total of $499.00 to my card for a $35.00 purchase. Luckily my card company reimbursed me and canceled my card and re-issued a new one. Thanks for making a stand.

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