Surviving Off Edible Plants

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Surviving Off Edible Plants

Learning which plants are edible can help you in survival situations so we have compiled a list of the plants you should look for if you are hungry or need some extra energy.

Lamb’s Quarters

Lamb’s quarters are said to taste like spinach when boiled. They are high in protein, making them a great find for survivalists who need a little energy. Lamb’s quarters are also known as goosefoot in some areas and grow wild in many places.


Burdock plants are a good food source because the entire plant is edible. The leaves and root are best boiled although the stem can be peeled and eaten raw.


Cattails like burdocks have many edible parts. The roots and the lower part of the stem can be eaten raw or boiled as can the leaves. The flower spike can also be eaten although it is best in the spring when the plant is still tender and young. A mature flower spike from a cattail contains pollen that can be collected and used as flour.


Purslane is a low growing plant that contains many edible parts including the leaves, stem and seeds. These are good either raw or boiled.


Dandelions are easy to identify and are seen almost everywhere. The entire plant is edible including the root, leaves and flower. The flower has a sweet and mild taste and can be eaten straight from the plant. The leaves and root are best boiled as they can be a bit bitter if eaten raw. You can even drink the root water as tea after you boil it.

Prickly Pear

Also an easy plant to identify, the prickly pear is a filling and nutritious food. The needles are best dealt with by burning although they can be scraped off with a rock or stick. The plants are generally large and can provide many meals proving a valuable food for the survivalist.

Shepard’s Purse

Found in many of the same places as dandelion and purslane, the shepherd’s purse is a good source for spring and fall greens. The younger leaves are edible raw and have a mild taste to them. The older leaves can be boiled to remove the bitterness and the seed pods can also be eaten.

Identifying Edible Plants

Without practice, identifying all the edible plants mentioned above can be difficult. We suggest buying a field manual that contains pictures of plants so they are easy to identify. You certainly don’t want to eat the wrong plant. Remember Into the Wild?


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