What is TEOTWAWKI and What Does it Mean for You?

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TEOTWAWKI is an acronym for “the end of the world as we know it” and is used by survivalists to cite their preparedness and defense strategies for unforeseeable social or natural change. Survivalists are known for anticipatorily prepping for disaster or disruptive situations where their preparation and training will come into play. This may include such proactive preparation such as having emergency medical training or storing food and water to more aggressive techniques such as self-defense training or the construction of survival structures. To a survivalist being prepared is half the battle and they pride themselves on their ability to adjust to any situation that may arise that would prove disastrous to the non-survivalist.

Possible TEOTWAWKI Events

TEOTWAWKI and the world’s end may include a variety of social or natural changes that can affect local, national or international ways of life. These may include the threat of war, either civil or between governments, financial collapse, natural disasters including earthquakes, hurricanes and flooding, wide-spread disease, or other apocalyptic events. TEOTWAWKI anticipators may also refer to religious beliefs as may be witness by the perceived end of the Mayan calendar on 12/12/12 and the unforeseeable chaos some believe will occur.


Whatever TEOTWAWKI assumptions may be made each individual will base their survivalist techniques on their individual circumstances and their specific concerns for whatever the future may hold. TEOTWAWKI may mean different things for different people including preparing for situations that require long-term food and outlook situations. Most survivalists will maintain that stockpiling non-perishable foods, storing water, medical supplies, clothing and having shelter are amongst the most basic survival techniques. It is also not uncommon for survivalists to have defensive stockpiles such as guns and ammo amongst their common preparations. For shorter term preparations such as when mobilizing quickly is necessary the TEOTWAWKI approach may include assemblage of a Bug Out Bag (BOB) or a Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD) kit. These assortments contain basic necessities and other useful items that are employed when the survivalist needs to make quick logistical decisions and relocate from their home base.

Although the TEOTWAWKI preparation techniques may seem a little extreme at times they do not go without some historical evidence of their benefits. For example the floods during hurricane Katrina left many without food or drink for long periods of time resulting in death and famine across several states. It is situations like these that the survivalist is prepared and has systematic planning in place to evolve for the unforeseeable. The purchases of generators and first aid kits and their highly regarded employment also shows that preparedness is a good thing, even if it’s not for the end of the world.

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  1. Great site! I heard about the site on coast to coast AM and was wondering what is the type of chlorine used to disinfect water and store it for a looooong time…is clorox bleach a good choice or is there a specific type? what are the different water to chlorine measurements for maybe 2 liter bottles, a gallon, 5 gallons, barrels, etc…Thank you

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