The Nostradamus Predictions for 2012

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The Nostradamus Predictions for 2012

As 2012 draws near more attention will likely be circulating around the speculations about December 21, 2012. December 21, 2012 marks a lot of prophecies that are claiming a lot of gloom and doom will occur on this date. Many consider this date to be the beginning of an apocalyptic end of times in which the world will end in violence and chaos. The Mayan calendar ends on this day, the Bible predicts the antichrist, and Nostradamus predicts a comet. Seeing how Nostradamus has been credited for predicting the death of Lady Diana, Hurricane Katrina, Hitler, 9/11, and the Iraq War maybe it’s worth looking into his 2012 prediction.

Nostradamus Background

Michel de Nostredame was born in France in 1503 and was regarded as a pharmacist and healer. His interest in occult sciences made him popular to those interested in horoscopes and many people sought him because they believed he had psychic powers. Nostradamus would summarize his prophecies by writing them in quatrains, four lines of poem used to describe his predictions. Although these predications are up for interpretation many are highly regarded due to the literal terms he used to describe events, many of which happened. Nostradamus wrote of many predictions for the year 2012 including one that is consistent with the end of days:

“In the sky will be seen a great fire dragging a trail of sparks”

How This Prediction has Been Interpreted

The “great fire dragging a trail of sparks” is thought by many to represent a comet that will create massive destruction on the earth. While it is unclear if the comet will strike the earth or pass close to our planet both scenarios will create devastation. If a comet hits the earth Nostradamus suggested that the massive destruction caused will create widespread anarchy which will lead to the third world war.

“King of terror shall come from the sky. He will bring to life the King of Mongols.”

This has been interpreted as the rise of China and their attack on other countries to gain supremacy. Although this is a mere prediction some take this very seriously as the timing of the prediction- some point in December 2012- resembles that of the final day of the Mayan Calendar which is also interpreted to symbolize the end of days. While it would be hard to argue that some of his predictions are inaccurate there is still a stir amongst people around the world who are preparing for the worst. What are you doing for December 2012?


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