The Varying Degrees of a Survivor

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The Varying Degrees of a Survivor

If you have stockpiled canned food, assembled emergency kits in the trunks of your vehicles, formulated an escape plan from your home, or set aside suitcases and cash in the event you need to Get Out Of Dodge (GOOD), it is likely you are a survivalist or prepper. In the past a survivalist or prepper might be considered a conspiracy theorist who would freak out, go live in the woods, live out of a bunker and wait for news of the end of the world. This just does not hold true for today’s preppers. Most preppers are normal people with regular jobs who are particularly fearful about the future.

The fear or anxiety of a prepper is not unwarranted. Watching the news brings the likes of threats, calamities, and maladies that were never before brought to life as they are today. It serves to build a sense in people that the world involves situations that need to be avoided. Preppers will go out of their way to avoid the stereotypes that come along with the “survivalist” label, simply registering themselves as people who understand the potential of natural disaster or economic collapse.

Survivalists and preppers can’t just all be conveniently classified into a group of paranoid anti-government gun bearers with war bunkers in their homes; their reaction to societies problems is different across the board. Some preppers prepare for another Hurricane Katrina in their town, another 9/11, a legitimate Y2K scare or a way to escape genetically modified food. Some extreme survivalists would likely consider other preppers to be soft or ill-prepared for the unknown.

The American Red Cross can be categorized as a large non-profit prepper, although they are not looked at as such. What is the difference between a foundation that prepares for social or natural issues and can respond accordingly and an individual person who does the same? Survivalism and preparation come as a reaction to the modern stresses of the world and our country. There is no real harm in making your family and friends more prepared for potentially hazardous situations as does the Red Cross. The government does it and so can you; just don’t get into the mindset that they will be there to help as quickly as you may need them.

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  1. So news for my fellow preppers….Federal agents raid Mormon food storage facility, demand list of customers storing emergency food!!!

    There are many ways around this problem. We know the canneries will not give out our information but what about our online purchases and other stockpile purchases? I have been doing things this way… I go to Wally World and I purchase a couple prepaid Visa and Mastercard gift cards. I add money on them at the Wally World check out with cash that I have brought in with me just for that purpose. I then use these cards to purchade things I want or need for my prepping..I send it to my place of business, under an assumed name who happens to employ over 1000 people. I let the dingy lady at the front office know that I am expecting a package for my friend who is moving here but shipping his things here ahead of his move! There is no trace of my name anywhere except for the front desk person who signs for the package who has called me “Matt” (not my name) for the past 5 years. It pays to have a dingy person at our front desk!! I also put money each month on another card and use it as a savings for dooms day persay…I only use this card when I find a good sale on one of the items on my needs list or when I purchase ammo or other obvious prepper items that I need. I find that I will not spend the cash if I do it this it works for me! I hope this helps someone else out!

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