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The Versatility of the AR15

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The Versatility of the AR15

When talk of guns comes up, there is always someone who mentions the AR15. For those who are heavily influenced by the media and are unfamiliar with the firearm, understanding why anyone could want or need an AR15 is beyond them. For people like you and me who are familiar with firearm safety, we understand that this gun is an awesome piece to have in our collection. On this survival blog, we often talk about the characteristics of a firearm as they relate to self-defense or protection (and we will get to that), but we will also consider some of the other reasons why having an AR15 is so cool.

Good Starting Rifle

The AR15 has been proven to be very reliable in addition to having straightforward controls. For a newbie, the low recoil and easy operation make it a good gun to learn about the fundamentals of safety and shooting. Once the safety fundamentals have been driven home, it’s as simple as having the shooter manipulate the safety, get the target in the sights, focus on the trigger and shoot.

Training and Competition

If you do any rifle or carbine training, the AR15 is a great gun to have in your repertoire. It is versatile enough for short or long range shooting, can be configured and adapted to the needs of the shooter, and can be accessorized with sights, optics, forward grips, tactical flashlights or laser pointers.

For the same reasons mentioned above, the AR15 is also a great firearm to have for all levels of competition shooting. Even the most entry-level AR15 will provide a great firearm to get into the sport.


The standard chambering of an AR15 (5.56/.223) makes it an ideal gun for ridding your ranch or farmland of smaller varmints. If you need a great remedy for things like foxes, coyotes, ground hogs or other small game, the AR15 is a great firearm for that. If you want to use it to hunt bigger game, the ability to upgrade to varying caliber conversions is also available. The AR15 makes it easy to change out your 5.56/.223 chamber into a 6.5 Grendel (.264), .300 AAC, .300 Blackout or a 6.8sps (.277). Upgrading to these bigger calibers can allow you to hunt bigger game legally.

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Self Defense

The AR15 is used by the military and by proud home owners for a few reasons. For starters, the firearm is shorter and lighter than most shotguns and rifles. This makes it easier to maneuver and makes it easier to be mobile with the weapon than a larger, heavier shotgun or rifle. Also, the AR15’s with low recoiling 5.56/.223 rounds are easier to shoot, meaning the fairer sex or smaller shooters can handle one without having to worry about getting physically beat up by the gun.

Final Thoughts

With all the advantages of the AR15 it is easy to see why almost every gun owner in America, survival blog, and shooting enthusiast all preach the appeal of the gun. Beyond self-defense, you now have plenty of other reasons to go out and get one as you know understand what makes this such a great, versatile gun to own.

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