Zombies: Why They Won’t Be the Undead (yet)

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Wal-Mart EBT Food Stamp Glitch – Zombies Created

Did you hear about the recent EBT (food stamp) glitch? Basically, the EBT system broke this weekend. The break was simple but devastating – the EBT cards no longer had spending limits.

Although it only lasted for a few hours, news about the spending limit being erased broke out quickly.  EBT card holders rushed to Wal-Mart in droves and went on a shopping spree.

In just a few hours, the Wal-Mart Shelves were completely barren.

Bare shelves in Wal-mart
Bare shelves in Wal-mart

Why is SurvivalBlog Talking About Walmart?

The EBT situation over the weekend wasn’t a panic-buy situation – it was a situation where EBT holders decided to take advantage of the Food Stamps program and spend over their limits.

Here’s why SurvivalBlog is writing about the Wal-Mart EBT situation.

I don’t believe in the traditional “zombie” – walking dead, biting you and spreading disease, etc.  What I believe is that people who do not prepare for a long term, off-grid survival situation will become zombies.

As the upcoming potential for a government shutdown looms, I can’t help but think – what if the United States no longer had the money to provide funds for the food stamp program?

There would be millions of people angry, hungry, scared, and panicking.  There would be rioting, looting, home invasions, rape, murder, and other general civil unrest.  It would be the exact same as Hurricane Katrina all over the United States.

People who are not prepared for a long term survival situation will become zombies.
People who are not prepared for a long term survival situation will become zombies.

People Who Do Not Prepare for Long-Term Survival Will Become Zombies

People who do not store enough essential items to continue theirs and their family’s survival will be faced with two choices:

  • Do nothing and die
  • Take what they need from others

It’s Time to Up You Prepping Habits Now

The time has come.  If you’re a “hobby prepper”, it’s time to take preparation more seriously.

Here are the basics when it comes to prepping:

  • Water
  • Food
  • Shelter
  • Security

We recommend storing at least 2500 calories per person per day, and stock piling enough food for between 6 months to a year’s worth of time.  6 months to a year after a grid down situation, here’s what to expect:

  • Militias and gangs will have organized together
  • There will be ordered chaos, conflicts between territorial disputes
  • There will continue to be rape, murder, and other terrible crimes being committed, although there will most likely be some sort of justice system as well
  • Trade will commence – not with the US dollar, but most likely with a barter situation

Want to Survive? Gain a Skill

If you want to survive in TEOTWAWKI (the end of the world as we know it), you need a skill.  It’s not enough to say, “I have guns and I know how to live off the land.”  You need to bring something of value to the table.

Here are some essential items that all organized communities will need in a grid-down situation:

  • Health care (paramedic, EMT, nurse, doctor, etc)
  • Security (law enforcement, military, prison security)
  • Food (cooks, farmers, etc)
  • Communication (Ham radio operators with equipment that is in good working condition, and who have the ability to communicate with that equipment)
  • Skilled trades (carpentry, blacksmiths, farriers, etc)

What Can I Do Now to Prepare Myself and Family?

Have a plan.

Come up with a plan of action for a grid-down situation, which includes:

  • Will you bug out or stay put?
  • What will you eat?
  • How will you get water?
  • How will you protect your family from zombies?
  • Who will be surviving with you?

Leave a Comment Below and Let Us Know What Your Plan Is 

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  1. spouse is a med doc, and i’m a gunsmith and engineer. we have close to 100k rds of ammo and 60 weapons, a well, food and lots of trade goods. i have 1st hand fighting skills and can train others to defend or protect as well. if there anything mechanical, i can fix it. we live in a defendable rural area where most own fire arms and are willing to use them, there are also a lot of cattle and horses. i just wish it would happen before i die of old age;-)>

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